Eastside Distilling Launches Maraschino Cherry Whiskey

Eastside Distilling of Portland, Oregon, recently announced the release of its first ever Maraschino Cherry Whiskey, crafted with Eastside’s rare whiskey blend and Italy’s premier Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur. This will be the second flavored whiskey in Eastside’s lineup, following the release of Marionberry Whiskey in fall 2021.

The famed Luxardo cherry liqueur is the original Maraschino, made from sour Marasca cherries since 1821 by the Luxardo family. It is distilled using the fruit’s skins, pits, leaves, and stems, giving it a distinct nutty flavor. Luxardo’s Marasca cherries are the gold standard, harvested at peak season during the summer, resulting in an aromatic, sweet-tart, and real fruit-tasting liqueur that is unrivaled. Eastside’s new Cherry Whiskey was made exclusively with permission from Luxardo.

“Combining Old World liqueur with select casks of New World American whiskey creates a unique and approachable product that’s the perfect addition to any bar, and is sure to entice consumers new to the world of whiskey,” says Jason Ericson, Eastside’s head distiller. “This unique fruited whiskey is guaranteed to transport the senses to the Italian Riviera.”

Eastside Cherry Whiskey is perfectly balanced and not too sweet. It has a bright, distinct aroma of cherry mixed with whiskey notes of dry fig and oak tannins. It tastes of cherry fruit, vanilla, and pie crust, with hints of citrus. Bottled at 30% ABV, it excels as a cocktail base or as an addition to any drink.

The whiskey was available for purchase starting Feb. 14, at select liquor stores in Oregon for $39.95 and online at eastsidedistilling.com with nationwide shipping, while supplies last. Distribution will also expand to California, Washington, Colorado, Arizona and Texas this year.

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