Dapper Barons Launches Line of Low-Sugar Liqueurs

Cocktails are now on the menu for sugar-conscious drinkers, as Minneapolis-based Dapper Barons, a start-up beverage company, launches a new line of liqueurs with only 1.3g sugar per serving. The portfolio spans popular cordial flavors, including coffee, amaretto, triple sec, crème de menthe, and crème de cacao.

On the company’s latest achievement, Dapper Barons CEO Jeff Roslund said, in a press release, “We’re excited to finally provide customers with a product they have been wanting for years. Until now, the liqueur aisle has been dominated by high-calorie, sugar-loaded options. Yet you don’t have to look far to see that consumers are more focused than ever on the amount of sugar in their products. Our liqueurs fill that gap in the market. At just 1.3g of sugar per serving, our liqueurs let you enjoy all the flavor of a classic cocktail without all the sugar.”

Dapper Barons’ liqueurs are hand-crafted with all-natural, high-quality sweeteners and flavorings, making them delicious alternatives to popular sugary liqueurs. Traditional liqueurs can have upwards of 20g of sugar per serving — equivalent to 5 teaspoons of sugar. “Our products don’t sacrifice flavor or texture. They are bold, rich, and smooth enough to carry themselves on their own or be the key component in dozens of classic cocktails, such as White Russians, Margaritas, and Grasshoppers,” said COO Charlie Guan.

These products will soon be on shelves of liquor stores around the state of Minnesota for a suggested retail price of $15.99 per 375mL bottle. The company hopes to expand distribution geographically as quickly as possible.

This launch marks the company’s entry into the alcoholic beverage industry. Liqueurs, however, are just the beginning. Chief Research Officer, Ryan Boudreau, said the company is developing a variety of additional products with similar nutritional profiles and looks forward to commercializing them in the near future.

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