Thirstie Announces New Courier Service Offerings and Retail Network Expansion

Thirstie recently announced two-hour delivery service in major markets and retail expansion throughout the country.

Thirstie launched its new courier service supporting on-demand delivery with DoorDash and soon to be Postmates, an Uber company. Two-hour delivery is available in key markets in New York, California, Illinois, Florida, Arizona and Texas. The e-commerce company now offers brands expansive reach to 100 million adult consumers through hundreds of strategic retail partnerships in over 40 geographies nationwide, with new markets in Arizona, Ohio and Georgia.

The company was the first to market with a branded e-commerce platform built specifically for alcohol beverage suppliers. Founded in 2014, Thirstie offered its first white label solution in 2017 and most recently launched its turnkey platform, Thirstie Access, in 2020. Since its inception the company has made a strong commitment to compliance and has met with several regulators in key states to make this first of a kind, branded direct-to-consumer type experience possible.

“Thirstie’s success has been fueled by our heavy investment in our retail strategy,” stated Thirstie’s CEO & co-founder, Devaraj Southworth, in a press release. “Our approach is extremely unique in the industry as we have a hybrid model compared to that of other e-commerce players. While some partner with a single retailer and rely heavily on them, others bring on thousands at a rapid pace. At Thirstie, we work with hundreds of highly curated retail partners, and now courier services, to ensure the best customer experience possible.”

Alcohol brands and retailers can learn more about partnering with Thirstie at

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