Thirstie Launches New Data Insights Report

Thirstie this week announced Thirstie Digital Consumer Insights, an ongoing data intelligence report geared towards online shopping patterns for alcohol consumers. The company released its first report focused on tequila and mezcal finding that single suburbanites make up nearly one third of online category sales with 30.25% share.

Thirstie Digital Consumer Insights reports will focus on aggregated data compiled through analyzed purchasing patterns of U.S. consumers across Thirstie’s hundreds of branded digital storefronts.

“We have seen the tremendous impact data has on individual brands and their growth,” said Thirstie’s CEO and co-founder, Devararj Southworth, in a press release. “While each Thirstie brand’s consumer data is specific to them, we want to provide a holistic view of the trends we are seeing in regard to online consumer behaviors across each category. As a data intelligence company, our goal is to help paint a clear picture for brands throughout the industry to understand and connect with consumers in a more efficient way.”

Thirstie is launching its data insights series with an in-depth analysis of the tequila and mezcal category. The report findings are compiled from over 1,000 consumers across the U.S. from Aug. 2020 to Aug. 2021 who purchased tequila and/or mezcal through Thirstie’s proprietary platform.

Key learnings from Thirstie Digital Consumer Insights: Tequila & Mezcal include:

  1. The Typical Online Tequila/Mezcal Shopper May Not Be Who You Think It Is: Single young to mid-aged urbanites are a smaller share than both single young to mid-aged suburban and wealthy suburban small family consumers.
  2. High Income Parents Like To Buy Premium Alcohol Online: Wealthy small families have a significantly higher average checkout value and buy slightly more items than any other consumer group. Though this consumer group typically has a strong preference for luxury offline shopping, tequila and mezcal suppliers should not overlook them in their e-commerce digital marketing strategy.
  3. Single Suburban Buyers Have More Diverse Tastes: While single suburban buyers purchase more premium products (28.5%) they purchase significantly more value products (14.5%) compared to the category average of 5.6%.
  4. Gift Giving Is Most Popular Among Single Urbanites: Tequila and mezcal producers have fueled e-commerce sales through gift-giving, particularly among single young to mid-age urban consumers. This group makes up 27.66% of gift-giving purchases for the category, which is significantly higher than the average 17.36% across all consumer groups.

For the full report, visit

This report was compiled by Thirstie Data Intelligence, analyzing purchasing patterns of over 1,000 consumers of legal drinking age who purchased tequila and/or mezcal across the U.S. through Thirstie-powered branded storefronts from Aug. 2020 to Aug. 2021. For complete report methodology, please contact

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