Sunday’s Finest Launches Gold Fashioned RTD

Created by award-winning bartender and spirits producer, Robert Haynes, Sunday’s Finest Gold Fashioned, a ready-to-serve Old Fashioned, is now available in selected markets for a suggested retail price of $150. 

The Gold Fashioned is a perfectly balanced, unparalleled cocktail experience born of the challenge to recreate the ultimate version of the world’s most iconic drink. Elevating every component of the original Old Fashioned, its special recipe is crafted from the finest raw ingredients sourced from specialty producers in the six inhabitable continents. 

The base of the Gold Fashioned is a blend of 8-Year Straight Bourbon Whiskey from one of the most esteemed distilleries in Kentucky, and a 5-Year Indiana Straight Rye Whiskey. Taking countless hours to perfect, this blend was chosen to impart both a toasty warmth and smooth finish from the Bourbon, complemented by the assertive spice notes found in the Rye. 

For the aromatic bitters, Sunday’s Finest developed a proprietary blend of herbs and spices produced to the highest possible specification. Using the traditional maceration method, hand-harvested Herat Saffron is combined with Grade A Tahitian Vanilla Beans, single-origin Ecuadorian Cacao, Seville Orange Peel, and wild-harvested Gentian Root from the French Alps. The unique flavor profile of these exquisitely crafted bitters adds sophistication and complexity to the cocktail, accentuating the elements of the base spirits. For balance, Demerara Sugar from Malawi provides a smooth counterpoint to the whiskies and bitters, enhancing their individual tasting notes and allowing them to shine.    

No Old Fashioned is complete without fresh orange zest, and the Gold Fashioned includes an orange zest atomizer to be spritzed over the top of the cocktail to garnish. With one spritz, the bright aromatics engage all of the senses, adding brightness, and stimulating the palate from the first taste. 

“That first sip of a perfect cocktail at the perfect moment is an elusive combination,” says Gold Fashioned Creator, Robert Haynes. “When it happens, though, the experience can be quite profound. We wanted to create the absolute best cocktail in the world that could be enjoyed, sipped, and savored on those special occasions. Whether opened for family or friends, or gifted to those you care about – it allows for anyone to enjoy a truly world-class cocktail no matter where they are.” 

Each 750ml Gold Fashioned bottle is packaged in a striking royal blue presentation box, decorated with a beautifully gold embossed Art Deco design. With meticulous attention paid to every detail, it includes a professional standard pourer spout for the perfect, moderated pour.

The Gold Fashioned is available at selected retailers and shipping to 45 states online via  You can follow on social media @thegoldfashioned

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