Dashfire Releases Ready-to-Drink Old Fashioned Variety Pack

Dashfire, a family-owned artisanal bitters and cocktail company based in Minnetonka, Minnesota, introduces an Old Fashioned variety pack in time for the holiday season. The three-pack of 100ml cans includes the classic Bourbon with notes of orange and cherry, Cane & Allspice, and Rye & Ginger. Dashfire’s Old Fashioned Variety Pack will be available in select markets (Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Minnesota, Tennessee, Texas & Washington D.C.) and online.

“Anyone who drinks Old Fashioneds knows that that there are as many variations as stars in the sky. That’s why having just one Old Fashioned didn’t seem like enough.” said Lee Egbert, owner, in a press release. “This variety pack collection has allowed us to use unique base spirits and then build an entire flavor profile around that base spirit.”

Building on the enduring popularity of the classic Old Fashioned cocktail, Dashfire Old Fashioneds feature Dashfire bitters, premium spirits and Art Deco-style packaging that make for the perfect gift or holiday entertaining staple.

Dashfire Old Fashioned Cocktails:

BOURBON (38% ABV) The classic Old Fashioned complements bourbon with aromatic orange and hints of cherry.

RUM  (35% ABV) Rum Old Fashioned indulges in the flavors of island life with three-year rum, allspice and rich demerara sugar.

RYE (35% ABV) A classic holiday accompaniment, Rye Old Fashioned incorporates spicy rye whiskey with notes of ginger in an elegant and sophisticated cocktail. 

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