Sagamore Spirit Releases Bottled in Bond Rye Whiskey

Sagamore Spirit’s 4-Year-Old Bottled in Bond Rye Whiskey, Made Entirely in Maryland

Sagamore Spirit released its first-ever Bottled in Bond rye whiskey at 100-proof, made entirely at its Baltimore distillery and barrel-aged for four years at its nearby rickhouse. It marks a milestone for the brand, established nearly a decade ago with a mission to revive Maryland’s centuries-old reputation for rye whiskey distilling. 

Sagamore Spirit Bottled in Bond blends two straight rye whiskies, one with a high-rye mash bill, the other low-rye, adhering to the same proprietary recipe that has defined all of Sagamore Spirit’s award-winning releases since 2016. The result is true to Maryland’s style of rye, first enjoyed in colonial times: approachable, versatile, and notably complex. The final profile showcases flavors of rye spice, toasty caramel, and fruit and floral notes.

“Today marks an important moment for Sagamore Spirit, with proof of our original concept fully realized and now here for the tasting,” said Brian Treacy, Sagamore Spirit’s co-founder and president of distillery operations, in a press release. “Bottled in Bond is a testament to our entire team’s hard work, incredible talent and perseverance, a tribute to Maryland’s legendary distillers, and one heck of an amazing rye whiskey.”

A limited quantity of Sagamore Spirit Bottled in Bond is available across the country for an approximate retail price of $59.99, and at the brand’s Baltimore waterfront distillery while bottles last.

Fans enjoyed an early taste of Sagamore Spirit Maryland Rye, with 4.5-year-old Penny’s Proof

On November 13th, visitors to the distillery lined up for hours to purchase a three-pack of Penny’s Proof: Sagamore Spirit’s signature 83-proof rye whiskey, distilled and aged for 4.5 years in Maryland. It marked the brand’s third annual, limited edition Penny’s Proof release. Each has given fans, known as Whiskey Thieves, early tastes of Sagamore Spirit’s now fully mature Maryland rye, first at 2.5 years of age (2019), and then 3.5 years (2020). Each three-pack of 200ml bottles has been available at the price of one penny, paying tribute to the distillery’s gleaming copper still: one to sip, another to share, the third to savour.

Sagamore Spirit’s Maryland-style rye was originally distilled by MGP, then expertly blended by Sagamore Spirit distillers to make the brand’s proprietary, award-winning high rye-low rye mash bill. Over the next few years, as more Maryland-distilled rye fully matures, it will comprise a higher share of whiskey within Sagamore Spirit releases, before reaching 100% by 2025.  Within another few years, Sagamore Spirit’s rye whiskies will be almost entirely made with Maryland-grown grains. The brand is partnering with local farmers and growing its own rye and corn at Sagamore Farm.

To find a coveted bottle of Sagamore Spirit Bottled in Bond, and learn more about the brand’s grain-to-glass initiative, visit to sign up to be a Whiskey Thief.

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