CaskX Partners with Sagamore Spirit for New Whiskey Investment Offerings

CaskX is thrilled to announce its latest American whiskey offering in collaboration with Sagamore Spirit. Nestled in the heart of Baltimore Peninsula, a vibrant neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland, Sagamore Spirit has earned widespread acclaim for its exceptional craftsmanship and unparalleled whiskey offerings.

Sagamore Spirit’s American rye whiskies have earned more than 200 awards internationally, including World’s Best Rye Whiskey in 2019 at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. The dedication to quality is evidenced by their grain-to-glass approach of growing their own rye and corn on Sagamore Farm, where they also source their limestone-filtered spring water, to craft this exceptional whiskey. Sagamore seeks to bring the uniqueness of Maryland style rye whiskey to life as they continue to heighten their legacy.

“One thing that distinguishes Sagamore from other distilleries is its grain-to-glass commitment to quality. Whiskey is ultimately an agricultural product, so we grow approximately 1.8 million pounds of Serafino Rye and Non-GMO corn less than 30 miles from the distillery. Another thing that is unique about Sagamore is the lack of reliance on a single ‘master distiller.’ Instead, we foster a collaborative team environment that draws upon the collective experience of multiple distillers and sensory experts to create top-quality products,” said Drew Thorn, CEO of Sagamore Spirit.

“The partnership between CaskX and Sagamore Spirit will provide accredited investors the opportunity to purchase full barrels of rye whiskey produced from the same mash bills that have formed the foundation of the distillery’s award-winning product line. These portfolios of rye whiskey barrels offer investors the opportunity to profit from the appreciation of whiskey as it ages over time. In addition to the potential for monetary gains, investors will serve an important role in paving a path forward for Maryland rye whiskey by expanding production to meet future demand. This partnership is a win-win for both investors and Sagamore Spirit. Investors are able to acquire assets that are well positioned for future increases in value and the distillery can produce more of their exceptional expressions,” said Jeremy Kasler, CEO of CaskX.

With whiskey growing in value by 13.85% annually over the past 10 years, it has swiftly emerged as one of the most compelling portfolio diversification strategies. International markets, from Asia to South America, are witnessing an unprecedented surge in the demand for high-quality whiskey. This growth is being amplified by the removal of European tariffs on bourbon imports, which has contributed to an even greater increase in demand across the continent. As an alternative asset class, whiskey casks stand apart as an asset that not only appreciates based on increases in market demand but can also rise in value due to the aging process of the spirit itself as it matures inside of the barrel. This unique characteristic has made whiskey investment rise in prominence among investors as they are drawn to the security of a tangible asset class that only improves with time.

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