Talnua to Release Exclusive Anniversary Edition Whiskey

Talnua Distillery of Arvada, Colorado, continues its tradition of releasing a unique version of Olde Saint’s Keep on St. Patrick’s Day to celebrate its anniversary and the holiday. The name “Olde Saint’s Keep” pays homage to the legend of Gaelic monks who kept the most special aqua vitae made at the monastery to share with their most esteemed guests.

Talnua Distillery’s 2022 Olde Saint’s Keep release is an American single pot still whiskey, triple distilled from a mash of 50% unmalted barley and 50% malted barley.  The whiskey was first aged in former bourbon and port casks, then the two were married and finished for 10 months in rare Pineau des Charantes Casks from Southwest France.

Tasting notes overview: A lively blend of candied oranges, mixed berry cobbler, and creamy marzipan on the nose compliment the stone fruit and dried cherry palate, made richer and more complex with accents of pecan and leather. The unique French barrel used to complete the aging process gives undertones of white pepper and malted milk balls with the toasted oak finish. 

Talnua is releasing Olde Saint’s Keep at 100 proof on March 18th. Fewer than 1,000 bottles are available.

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