Boardroom Spirits Debuts Canned Margarita Cocktail

Lansdale, Pennsylvania-based Boardroom Spirits announced the release of a canned margarita. The classic margarita canned cocktail will be available online and at the distillery on Tuesday, May 24 just in time to kick off the summer season. Made with natural flavors the canned margarita is a delicate and crafted mixture of Agave Spirit and Boardroom’s Orange Liqueur. Boardroom’s canned margarita is available for $16.99 for a 12-ounce, four-pack with a 9% ABV. A complete portfolio of canned cocktails, ready-to-drink bottled cocktails, and premium spirits are available online for pickup, delivery (including Philadelphia), or shipped throughout PA.

Boardroom introduced the canned margaritas through a series of teaser videos featuring the Chairman struggling to create a perfect margarita at home.  In the first video, the Chairman cuts his paw while slicing limes while in the second video, he spills the margarita mixture. The Chairman searches for a lost shaker of salt in the third video adding to his growing frustration. In the last video, the Chairman unveils the perfect solution and plunks down Boardroom’s canned margarita with clean ingredients that are neither too sweet nor sour and completely uncomplicated.  “Margaritas are synonymous with summer, but only when done right,” said Mike Podlogar, Director of RTD Program for Boardroom Spirits. “We wanted to craft the perfect margarita that is equally portable, tasty, and harmoniously balances rich agave flavors with citrus and sugar. Margaritas are best enjoyed while relaxing and we even illustrate that in our can artwork with the Chairman floating in a pool enjoying a margarita. That summer carefree energy carries over to this effortless drink for summer parties with the only hassle being deciding when and where to enjoy it… no extra work required”

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