USBG Unveils New Mission and Vision Statements

As the United States Bartenders’ Guild (USBG) approaches its 75th anniversary, the organization unveils its new vision and mission statements, reflecting priorities in line with the goal of evolving the Guild along with the industry as it emerges from its worst existential threat since Prohibition.

Vision: Bartending is a respected and fun occupation in a healthy environment that builds a hub for community.

Mission: Uniting and elevating the bar industry through education, community, and advocacy.

Said USBG Executive Director Aaron Gregory Smith, “The Guild’s vision and mission have evolved along with the bartending industry as a whole. Our aim is to amplify practices that advance the industry and provide an invaluable ‘third place’ for our neighborhoods.”

USBG President T. Cole Newton commented, “Our community is made up of people from every gender, race, religion, sexual identity, and socioeconomic background. Sure, it’s craft bartenders. It’s also bartenders at bowling alleys, chain restaurants, and working special events at the VA. It’s New York City, San Francisco, and Chicago. And it’s Rochester, Boise, and Birmingham. These new vision and mission statements are meant to convey that diversity and communicate that the Guild is for everyone.”

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