Miracle Pop-Up Cocktail Bars Announce New Drinks for 2022

The Christmas-themed pop-up bars Miracle and Beachbum Berry Presents: Sippin’ Santa are returning for another holiday season starting Nov. 21 through Dec. 31.

This season will feature a variety of new deliciously merry cocktails such as Grandma Got Runover by A T-Rex, Island of Misfit Toys and Rudolph’s Rum Rhapsody.

Listing almost 200 participating locations for the 2022 season, from award-winning partner bars such as, North America’s 50 Best Bar winners Civil Liberties (Toronto, Canada), Bitter & Twisted (Phoenix, AZ) and Mace, the original Miracle pop-up location in New York City. Miracle and Sippin’ Santa are proud to have so many returning and new partners open their doors as magical Christmas pop-up destinations.

2022 Miracle Partners (As of September 20, 2022 / List subject to change)

1.     Amsterdam, Netherlands – Miracle at Boom Chicago

2.     Arlington, TX – Miracle at Miller Tavern & Beer Garden

3.     Ashburn, VA – Miracle on Exchange St.

4.     Asheville, NC – Miracle at The Golden Pineapple

5.     Athens, GA – Miracle at The Expat

6.     Atlanta, GA – Miracle at TBA

7.     Austin, TX – Miracle on 5th Street (at The Eleanor)

8.     Baltimore, MD – Miracle at Leinie Lodge & Beer Garden

9.     Baton Rouge, LA – Miracle on Bennington (at The Station)

10.  Bentonville, AR – Miracle on 2nd Street (at Undercroft)

11.  Birmingham, AL – Miracle on 24th Street (at Queen’s Park)

12.  Brooklyn, NY – Miracle on Union (at Thief)

13.  Buffalo, NY – Miracle at TBA

14.  Calgary AB, Canada – Miracle on 1st Street YYC (at Proof)

15.  Cambridge, MA – Miracle at The Marlowe (at Kimpton Hotel Marlowe)

16.  Charleston, SC – Miracle at Handcraft Kitchen and Cocktails

17.  Charlotte, NC – Miracle at BackStage Lounge

18.  Chattanooga, TN – Miracle on Broad St.

19.  Cincinnati, OH – Miracle at The Overlook Lodge

20.      Cleveland, OH – Miracle on 4th St.

21.  Columbus, OH – Miracle at The Citizens Trust

22.  Dahlonega, GA – Miracle at TBA

23.  Dallas, TX – Miracle at Royal 38

24.  Davenport, IA – Miracle at TBA

25.  Daytona Beach, FL – Miracle at McCoys Rum Room (at Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront Resort)

26.  Delray Beach, FL – Miracle at The Falcon

27.  Denver, CO – Miracle at Denver Union Station

28.  Des Moines, IA – Miracle at TBA

29.  Detroit, MI – Miracle at The Oakland

30.  Dunedin, FL – Miracle at The Honu Restaurant and Tiki Bar

31.  Encinitas, CA – Miracle at Roxy Encinitas

32.  Fort Wayne, IN – Miracle on Jefferson (at Copper Spoon)

33.  Fort Worth, TX – Miracle at Nickel City

34.  Fresno, CA – Miracle at Modernist

35.  Frisco, TX – Miracle at The Aussie Grind

36.  Galveston, TX – Miracle at Daiquiri Time Out

37.  Grass Valley, CA – Miracle at The Holbrooke

38.  Greenburg, PA – Miracle at TBA

39.  Greenville, SC – Miracle at Southernside Brewing

40.  Greenwood Village, CO – Miracle at Pindustry

41.  Hanover, MD – Miracle at Club 21

42.  Houston, TX – Miracle at Johnny’s Gold Brick

43.  Houston, TX – Miracle at Winnie’s

44.  Huntsville, AL – Miracle at MidCity (at The Camp)

45.  Indianapolis, IN – Miracle on South Street (at The Alexander)

46.  Jackson, MS – Miracle at Apothecary

47.  Jacksonville, FL – Miracle on the Square (at Grape & Grain Exchange)

48.  Jersey City, NJ – Miracle on Mercer (at Franklin Social)

49.  Kansas City, MO – Miracle at TBA

50.  Knoxville, TN – Miracle at Brother Wolf

51.  Lafayette, LA – Miracle at Pamplona Tapas Bar & Restaurant

52.  Las Vegas, NV – Miracle on Spring Mountain (at The Sand Dollar Lounge)

53.  London, England – Miracle at Henrietta Hotel

54.  Long Beach, CA – Miracle at The Ordinarie

55.  Louisville, CO – Miracle on Main Street (at Por Wine House)

56.  Louisville, KY – Miracle on Market (at Galaxie)

57.  Ludlow, VT – Miracle on Main (at Main + Mountain)

58.  Madison, WI – Miracle on King Street (at Lucille)

59.  Malden, MA – Miracle at Mystic Station

60.  Manhattan, KS – Miracle on Moro (at The Hi Lo)

61.  Memphis, TN – Miracle at The Liquor Store

62.  Miami, FL – Miracle at TBA

63.  Milford, MA – Miracle at Central Tavern

64.  Milwaukee, WI – Miracle at The Tin Widow

65.  Minneapolis, MN – Miracle at Lawless

66.  Minneapolis, MN – Miracle at Stilheart

67.  Minot, MD – Miracle at TBA

68.  Montreal QC, Canada – Miracle at TBA

69.  Mooresville, NC – Miracle on Main

70.  Nashville, TN – Miracle at The Pearl Diver

71.  New Brunswick, NJ – Miracle on George Street (at Catherine Lombardi Restaurant)

72.  New Orleans, LA – Miracle at Barrel Proof

73.  New York, NY – Miracle on 9th Street

74.  Norfolk, VA – Miracle at Rocky Mountain Grill

75.  Nutley, NJ – Miracle on Centre (at Cowan’s Public)

76.  Oakland, CA – Miracle at The Double Standard

77.  Orlando, FL – Miracle on Orange (at The Courtesy)

78.  Panama City, Panama – Miracle at aMano

79.  Pensacola, FL – Miracle on Palafox (at Old Hickory Whiskey Bar)

80.  Petaluma, CA – Miracle at Brewsters Beer Garden

81.  Philadelphia, PA – Miracle at Broad Street Bullies Pub

82.  Phoenix, AZ – Miracle on Floor 13

83.  Pittsburgh, PA – Miracle at TBA

84.  Portland, ME – Miracle at Vena’s Fizz House

85.  Portland, OR – Miracle at Deadshot

86.  Quebec City QC, Canada – Miracle at Maelstrom Saint-Roch

87.  Raleigh, NC – Miracle at The Haymaker

88.  Rehoboth Beach, DE – Miracle at Above The Dunes

89.  Reno, NV – Miracle at Ferino Distillery

90.  Richmond, VA – Miracle on Cary (at The Jasper)

91.  Sacramento, CA – Miracle on J Street (at The Red Rabbit Kitchen & Bar)

92.  Salt Lake City, UT – Miracle on 2nd   Street (at The Vault in Kimpton Hotel Monaco)

93.  San Diego, CA – Miracle on 30th Street (at Polite Provisions)

94.  San Francisco, CA – Miracle at PCH (at Pacific Cocktail Haven)

95.  San Jose, CA – Miracle on 1st (at Paper Plane)

96.  San Jose, CA – Miracle at MINIBOSS

97.  Santa Barbara, CA – Miracle at The Funk Zone (at Pearl Social)

98.  Seattle, WA – Miracle on 2nd (at Rob Roy)

99.  St. Augustine, FL – Miracle at Forgotten Tonic

100.                St. Louis, MO – Miracle at Small Change

101.                St. Petersburg, FL – Miracle at Mezzo (at Intermezzo Coffee & Cocktails)

102.                Stratford, CT – Miracle at Riley’s by the Seawall

103.                Tampa, FL – Miracle at Strandhill Public

104.                Tavares, FL – Miracle on Main

105.                Temecula, CA – Miracle on Front Street (at Apparition Room)

106.                Topeka, KS – Miracle at AJ’s NY Pizzeria

107.                Toronto ON, Canada – Miracle at TBA

108.                Verona, NJ – Miracle on Bloomfield (at The Parkside Social)

109.                Wappingers Falls, NY – Miracle at TBA

110.                Washington, DC – Miracle at Death Punch Bar

111.                Whitehorse YT, Canada – Miracle at Woodcutter’s Blanket

112.                Wood-Ridge, NJ – Miracle on Valley

2022 Sippin’ Santa Partners

1.     Arlington Heights, IL – Sippin’ Santa at Cortland’s Garage

2.     Athens GA – Sippin’ Santa at Paloma Park

3.     Arvada, CO – Sippin’ Santa at Arvada Tavern

4.     Asheville, NC – Sippin’ Santa at The Montford Rooftop Bar

5.     Atlanta, GA – Sippin’ Santa at Bon Ton

6.     Austin, TX – Sippin’ Santa at Nickel City

7.     Birmingham, AL – Sippin’ Santa on Second

8.     Boston, MA – Sippin’ Santa at Shore Leave

9.     Calgary AB, Canada – Sippin’ Santa at Ricardo’s Hideaway

10.  Charlotte, NC – Sippin’ Santa at The Royal Tot

11.  Cincinnati, OH – Sippin’ Santa at Tiki Tiki Bang Bang

12.  Cornelius, NC – Sippin’ Santa at Thigs & Company

13.  Dallas, TX – Sippin’ Santa at RoPo & Logan

14.  Detroit, MI – Sippin’ Santa at The Skip

15.  Hamilton ON, Canada – Sippin’ Santa at Maipai

16.  Harrison, NJ – Sippin’ Santa at The Vanguard

17.  Honolulu, HI – Sippin’ Santa at Prince Waikiki

18.  Houston, TX – Sippin’ Santa at TBA

19.  Isle of Palms, SC – Miracle at Woody’s (at Wild Dunes Resort)

20.  Kansas City, MO – Sippin’ Santa at Julep

21.  Las Vegas, NV – Sippin’ Santa Las Vegas

22.  New Orleans, LA – Sippin’ Santa at Beachbum Berry’s Latitude 29

23.  New York, NY – Sippin’ Santa at TBA

24.  Ottawa QC, Canada – Sippin’ Santa at The Standard

25.  Phoenix, AZ – Sippin’ Santa at Bitter & Twisted

26.  Reston, VA – Sippin’ Santa at Tiki Thai

27.  Sacramento, CA – Sippin’ Santa at The Jungle Bird

28.  San Diego, CA – Sippin’ Santa at The Grass Skirt

29.  San Francisco, CA – Sippin’ Santa at Kona’s Street Market

30.  San Jose, CA – Sippin’ Santa at 55 South

31.  Seattle, WA – Santa’s Surf Shack

32.  St. Louis, MO – Sippin’ Santa at Planter’s House

33.  Toronto ON, Canada – Sippin’ Santa at TBA

34.  Washington, D.C. – Sippin’ Santa at Archipelago

2022 Miracle Cocktail Menu


vodka, elderflower, dry vermouth, spiced cranberry sauce, lime, rosemary, absinthe mist

Santa’s Little Helper *NEW COCKTAIL

gin, spiced caraway syrup, eucalyptus, sage, lime, seltzer 

Christmas Cricket *NEW COCKTAIL

blanco tequila, vanilla liqueur, minty amaro, coco pandan, cream, mole bitters, dark chocolate

Elfing Around

prosecco, gin, mulled wine reduction, grapefruit shrub, aromatic bitters, orange bitters

Holiday Spiked Chai *NEW COCKTAIL

brandy, Jamaican overproof rum, coffee liqueur, amaretto, chai, almond milk, egg white, tiki bitters, nutmeg

Snowball Old-Fashioned

rye, gingerbread, aromatic bitters, wormwood bitters, orange essence

Grandma Got Run Over By A T-Rex *NEW COCKTAIL

vodka, orange liqueur, gentian aperitif, aloe vera, spiced pomegranate & grapefruit mix, lime, aromatic bitters  

Yippee Ki Yay Mother F****r!

Barbados rum, rhum agricole, Trinidad overproof rum, ube & coconut orgeat, acid-adjusted pineapple juice

Jingle Balls Nog

cognac, cream sherry, almond milk, cream, egg, vanilla, nutmeg

Hot Buttered Rum (served hot)

aged Jamaican rum, velvet falernum, mixed spiced butter, oak milk, nutmeg

Mulled Wine (served hot) *NEW COCKTAIL

mulled red wine, tawny port, orange liqueur, Christmas spices



rum, peppermint tea, chocolate

Naughty Shot

bourbon, cinnamon

2022 Sippin’ Santa Cocktail Menu

Kris Kringle Colada

dark Jamaican rum, amaro, allspice liqueur, lime, pineapple, cream of coconut

Sippin’ Santa

aged demerara rum, amaro, lemon, orange, gingerbread mix

White Russian Christmas

vodka, dark-roast cold brew, condensed milk, ancho chile liqueur, cinnamon syrup

Island of Misfit Toys *NEW COCKTAIL

aged Jamaican rum, chai tea, cream, pumpkin puree, cinnamon, lemon


bourbon, pineapple rum, Campari, lime, pineapple, jingle mix


tequila, Applejack, lime, maple-cranberry syrup

Undertow Toddy (served hot) *NEW COCKTAIL

                                            cognac, Chartreuse, curaçao, chocolate hazelnut syrup

Rudolph’s Rum Rhapsody (for two) *NEW COCKTAIL

Jamaican & Puerto Rican rums, lime, orange, pineapple. passion fruit, falernum, honey, ginger, aromatic bitters



house spiced rum, falernum, cinnamon

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