Tequave Organization Rebrands as Degave

The Tequave Organization recently announced that it has completed a major rebrand. The organization undertook an extensive consumer insights study to select Degave™ for its new name and certification of American Agave Spirits. 

Degave™ is an exciting spirit category whose future is being shaped by the innovation and entrepreneurial vitality of America’s small batch distillers. Members of the Degave™ Organization can now realize the vast sales potential of the American Agave Spirit category of Degave™. 

The rebranding effort was important to better resonate with Millennial and Gen Z consumers, and overwhelmingly the name DEGAVE was preferred by younger audiences, the certification organization’s primary target demographic. You can visit the Degave Organization to explore the new website, brand, and membership opportunities. 

Chief Operating Officer, Mitch Boxberger said, “The new name was favored 2 to 1 over Tequave by younger consumers. Plus, the new name, logo and seal of certification better positions us as a wholly American force in the blossoming American agave spirit classification.” He went on to say: “The previous name of Tequave was necessary to launch our member-owned non-profit and to get our vision out there but now we need to better connect with the consumer and provide our member distillers – the ones that work hard to provide quality products – an even better opportunity to sell their own brand of premium Degave spirits.” 

Members of the Degave Organization have two new labels in production, Tombstone Degave and Navigator Degave, both being distilled by Adventurous Stills, a small-batch distillery in Tempe, Arizona that produces handcrafted Degave, and offers bottle purchases, distillery tours, tastings, handcrafted cocktails, and private events – they create truly exceptional American Agave Spirits, without compromise. 

The Mission of the Degave™ Certification Organization is to establish, protect and promote the category of American Agave Spirits. They are supported solely by the entrepreneurial vitality of American craft distillers; they define and uphold standards among spirit professionals, and offer certifications in the category of Degave™. The Degave Organization is on a quest to have an American Agave Standards of Identity and they are well on their way to accomplishing their vision.

American private distillers who are members in good standing with the Degave™ Organization can be certified to produce premium, ultra-premium and luxury American agave spirits that meet the standards established by the Degave™ Organization and bear the Degave™ name and seal of quality. By becoming a member, they can expand their labels with their own brand of Degave™ spirit and receive category support, marketing and promotion through the Degave Organization and its advisory board. In addition members can participate in issues that affect their individual businesses, the Degave category and the American agave spirit industry and access a range of services, advice and guidance applicable to the Degave™ category. The organization also provides assistance with labeling, regulatory, Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) packaging and branding.

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