291 Colorado Whiskey Named Breakout Distiller of the Year

291 Colorado Whiskey of Colorado Springs, Colorado, has been awarded the prestigious title of Breakout Distiller of the Year at the 2023 ASCOT Awards. This recognition solidifies the brand’s position as a trailblazer in the whiskey industry and highlights its commitment to producing exceptional handcrafted American whiskey. Standing tall among its competitors, 291 Colorado Whiskey earned a total of nine awards, including three Double Platinum, three Platinum, and one Gold distinction across various categories. In the second round of judging,  291 All Rye Colorado Whiskey was named Best Craft Rye Whiskey. In the final round of awards, 291 Colorado whiskey was awarded the title of Breakout Distiller of the Year.

“We are incredibly grateful and proud to be named Breakout Distiller of the Year by the ASCOT Awards. This recognition serves as a testament to the relentless passion and unwavering dedication the 291 team pours into every drop of our whiskey,” said Michael Myers, CEO & founding distiller at 291 Colorado Whiskey. “For our newest release, 291 All Rye Colorado Whiskey, to be named a category winner in 2023 reinforces our commitment to push the boundaries of innovation.” 

The Breakout Distiller of the Year category specifically acknowledges distilleries whose submissions made a significant impact with the American Spirits Council of Tasters in the 2023 competition is open to large spirits producers as well as craft distillers and is based on the combined performance of the brand.

291 Colorado Whiskey, known for its dedication to traditional methods combined with a fearless approach to experimentation, has captivated whiskey enthusiasts with its distinct and captivating spirits. Every whiskey made by the distillery tells a unique story, showcasing the passion and craftsmanship of the 291 team.

“We are thrilled and honored to have earned nine awards in this year’s competition. We craft our spirits to embody the essence of Colorado’s rugged spirit and adventurous soul and we’ve poured our hearts into every bottle,” said Myers. “As the founder of 291 Colorado Whiskey, this recognition means a lot to me and our entire team. I want to thank everyone who has joined us on this journey, from our loyal supporters to our talented team. I raise a glass to all of you.”

The American Spirits Council of Tasters (ASCOT), composed of 43 seasoned spirits professionals, blind-taste and score competing spirits. This year, the ASCOTs received more than 1,100 entries. Best In Category winners were determined in May with the winners then competing against each other for best bourbon, best rye, best Scotch, and more. From here, the category winners competed for Best in Show. 

Each entry was blind-tasted and scored on a 100-point scale for appearance, aroma, taste, and finish. Awards were determined based on points.

The ASCOT Award levels include:

  • DOUBLE PLATINUM: Outstanding; earns top marks from all judges
  • PLATINUM: An excellent product; meets very high standards
  • GOLD: A finely crafted spirit deserving recognition
  • HONORABLE MENTION: Meets the standards of the industry

The following whiskies from 291 Colorado have achieved the highest recognition at the 2023 ASCOT Awards:

Category Winner: 291 All Rye 100% Rye Malt Colorado Whiskey

Double Platinum:

  1. 291 Colorado Whiskey Barrel Proof Single Barrel – (available online) Here’s a badass whiskey that swings for the fences by any measure. I think I’d go for this one with water, but there’s no shame in that. It’s delicious with or without.
  2. 291 E Batch 13 – Single Malt Whiskey (not available) A gorgeously tight and syrupy single malt with molasses and toffee mingling with sesame and peanut butter before a dark chocolate finish. 
  3. 291 All Rye 100% Rye Malt Colorado Whiskey – (liquor stores in CO & TX, sold out online) A floral nose mingles with cinnamon and dried tobacco, leading to BIG flavors of baking spices, dark chocolate, grilled meats, and black pepper, softened by a fruity hit of papaya.


  1. 291 Colorado Rye Whiskey Small Batch – (available online) Fresh dill and cut hay aromas leads to a maple-laden palate with herbs and baked bread, plus an oak and spice that lingers for a great finish.
  2. 291 Colorado Bourbon Whiskey Small Batch – (available onlineA cinnamon forward nose follows through to the palate where it meets funky hints of fruit and molasses, capped by a long, creamy, and refreshing finish.
  3. 291 E Batch 11 – 30-day Fermentation Bourbon Whiskey – (available online) A most gorgeously sweet nose of buttery cornbread. The palate highlights citrus with lots of oils — here is a great and unique whiskey!


  1. 291 Colorado Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Proof Single Barrel – (available onlineRich honey syrup, sweet cherry, and hints of pepper and nutmeg on the nose leads to oak spice, molasses, and coffee flavors, and a long and minty finish.

For more information on 291 Colorado Whiskey, visit 291ColoradoWhiskey.com or follow @distillery291 on social media.

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