291 Colorado Whiskey Claims Brand Innovator of the Year Award

Colorado Springs, Colorado-based 291 Colorado Whiskey is proud to announce its recent distinction as the Brand Innovator of the Year at Icons of Whisky America Awards 2024. This accolade highlights 291 Colorado Whiskey’s pioneering spirit and dedication to redefining the whiskey landscape through innovative distillation and branding strategies.

The 291 E Colorado Whiskey “Experimental” product line has become a testament to the distillery’s pursuit of excellence in craft distilling. With 13 batches spanning over 12 years, including three remarkable releases in 2023, 291 Colorado Whiskey showcases the art of whiskey making. 

Last year marked a significant milestone for 291 Colorado Whiskey, with the release of three  “E” batches, the most ever in a single year as well as two batches of All Rye, a 100% rye malt whiskey born from the lessons and techniques learned during a previous E release (E3). These five whiskeys demonstrate a commitment to constant innovation and improvement and were all featured in the World Whiskies Awards tasting competition. 

“We are incredibly honored to be recognized as the Brand Innovator of the Year at Icons of Whisky America,” said Michael Myers, CEO and founding distiller at 291 Colorado Whiskey. “This award is a testament to our team’s relentless creativity and passion for crafting unique whiskeys that challenge the status quo. This award is a celebration of our ongoing journey to redefine what it means to be a whiskey brand and to continue inspiring whiskey lovers around the world.”

The annual Icons of Whisky Awards aim to celebrate the achievements of outstanding people and places in the global whisky industry, including distilleries, their teams, and industry communicators. The awards are now split into six regions: Ireland, Scotland, America, China, India, and the Rest of the World. The Icons of Whisky form part of the annual Whisky Magazine Awards, along with the World Whiskies Awards and Hall of Fame. 

“From the very start, the experimentation at Buffalo Trace Distillery has been a source of inspiration,” reflects Myers. “To now be recognized as 2024 Icons Brand Innovator, alongside the commendation of Eagle Rare 25, is truly incredible.”

291 Colorado Whiskey’s E line of releases has consistently delivered unique and uncommon whiskeys. E11, with its 30-day fermentation process, showcases 291’s willingness to experiment with traditional techniques. E8, a blend of wheat and single malt whiskey proves mastery in blending, earning the title of “Best Blended” in 2021. The latest experimental release, E13, an exceptional single malt aged in new oak and offered at a potent 130 proof, exemplifies the distillery’s unrelenting dedication to pushing the limits of flavor profiles. Notably, the E7 batch, a wheat mash finished in used rye barrels was recognized as the “World’s Best Wheat” whiskey in 2021.

In a world of whiskey, where tradition often takes precedence, 291 Colorado Whiskey’s E product line stands as a shining beacon of innovation. With bold experiments and an unwavering commitment to excellence, 291 has earned its place among the industry’s most forward-thinking and innovative distillers.

Since its inception in 2011, 291 Colorado Whiskey has established itself as a trailblazer in the whiskey industry, renowned for its innovative approach to experimentation in distillation & finishing, branding, and storytelling. Through captivating narratives, striking visuals, and immersive experiences, the distillery has successfully differentiated itself in the market and forged deep connections with consumers.

For more information on 291 Colorado Whiskey, visit 291ColoradoWhiskey.com or follow @distillery291 on social media.

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