Midwest Barrel Co. to Sell Used 291 Colorado Whiskey Barrels

Louisville, Kentucky-based Midwest Barrel Co. (MWBC) is now the exclusive seller of all 291 Colorado Whiskey premium, used oak barrels.

The partnership between MWBC and 291 Colorado Whiskey, based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado, means homebrewers and craft beverage producers will have more consistent and convenient access to the distillery’s rye whiskey, bourbon and other popular small format barrels.

“Small barrels are becoming an increasingly popular option for barrel-aging,” MWBC Co-Founder Ben Loseke said. “Homebrewers and home winemakers aren’t the only people interested in small format barrels, either. We’re seeing more commercial beverage producers also looking into smaller used barrels primarily because of the shorter time needed to age their products, as well as the cost-savings benefits.”

291 Colorado Whiskey’s 10-gallon and 15-gallon used small barrels have long been a go-to choice for many of MWBC’s customers, especially barrels that aged the distillery’s 291 Colorado Bourbon Whiskey and 291 Colorado Rye Whiskey. The barrels are freshly emptied and in excellent condition – perfect for their next use, whether that be for beer, wine or another spirit.

MWBC has been a strong proponent of using small format barrels for aging by providing educational barrel-aging resources that help homebrewers and others new to aging understand how to care for barrels and achieve their desired flavors throughout the process.

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