Tamworth Unveils Garden Watermelon Flavored Gin

Tamworth Distilling of Tamworth, New Hampshire, is pleased to announce its newest scratch-made spirit, Tamworth Garden Watermelon Flavored Gin. A refreshing and aromatic addition to its line of innovative gins (including newly debuted Sylvan Mist—the world’s first wearable and drinkable perfume gin) the perfectly pink Watermelon Flavored Gin is available now, having debuted on June 21, the summer solstice. Tamworth Garden Watermelon Flavored Gin is available to ship direct to consumer in 40-plus states online via www,tamworthdistilling.com, and for purchase on-site at Tamworth Distilling, for $55 (60 proof, 750 ml). 

Tamworth Garden Watermelon Gin captures the essence of summer and presents in a low-proof gin with gentle acidity and sweetness. The base is juicy watermelon and cucumber, and is then blended with grains of paradise, hibiscus, and fresh mint. The end result is big flavors of melon, lime, and mint overlaid on gentler notes of dry coconut, hibiscus tea, and fresh, zesty juniper. 

“The new Watermelon-flavored Gin is our attempt at capturing the most refreshing aromas of summer,” commented distiller Matt Power. “In our ongoing commitment to using the freshest seasonal produce with no, or close to zero waste, we use the entire fruit – rind and all! Whole vine-ripened watermelons are pressed in a heritage wine press and the juice is used to lower the proof instead of water. By utilizing the entire fruit, the sweetness of the bright pink flesh is balanced out by notes of cucumber from the rind. Any fruit waste is then fed to local livestock.” 

Tamworth Garden Watermelon Flavored Gin rings in at 60 proof, making it the perfect base for a summer cocktail, and is even better sipped on its own over ice with a sprig of fresh plucked mint from the garden. Made with natural ingredients and zero added sugar, it is a refreshing flavor, perfect for lazy days in the sun or sultry summer nights. With National Watermelon Day (August 3), there’s plenty of reasons to sip this season’s perfectly pink summer sipper. Tamworth Garden Watermelon Flavored Gin is made with fresh watermelon juice with zero preservatives, and is best enjoyed fresh. 

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