Red River Partners with Earthships to Build Sustainable Homes Through Bottle Donations

Red River Brewing Co. and Distillery of New Mexico is proud to announce its recent partnership with Earthships, a pioneering self-sustaining home building company. In a move to promote environmental consciousness and contribute to sustainable living, Red River Brewing Co. and Distillery has donated their used spirit bottles to support the construction of innovative Earthship homes. Earthships are unique, eco-friendly dwellings designed to be entirely self-sufficient, using natural and repurposed materials to create comfortable and environmentally conscious living spaces. The incorporation of repurposed spirit bottles from Red River Brewing Co.and Distillery will add a touch of creativity and color to these pioneering homes while further highlighting the possibilities of upcycling in construction.

“We are thrilled to join hands with Earthships in their mission to redefine sustainable living and create homes that not only minimize their environmental impact but also inspire others to think creatively about sustainable housing,” said Keegan Hoeffler, Marketing Director of Red River Brewing Co. and Distillery. “By donating our used spirit bottles, we are taking a small step towards reducing waste and promoting sustainable practices within our industry.”

This collaboration underscores Red River Brewing Co. and Distillery’s commitment to responsible business practices and their dedication to contributing positively to the communities they serve. By repurposing these bottles, the company is actively participating in the circular economy, reducing landfill waste, and supporting an innovative approach to housing.

The partnership between Red River Brewing Co. and Distillery and Earthships aligns with global efforts to address climate change and encourage sustainable practices in everyday living. By transforming used spirit bottles into integral components of Earthship homes, both organizations are setting an example for the positive impact that can be achieved through collaboration and innovation.

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