Red River Brewing Co. and Distillery Receives LEDA Funding to Expand Second Location

New Mexico’s Town of Red River Office of Economic Development & Tourism is proud to announce that Red River Brewing Co. and Distillery has been selected to receive funding under the Local Economic Development Act (LEDA) administered by the New Mexico Economic Development Department. The LEDA funding will support the expansion of the company’s operations to a second location in Red River, further stimulating economic development and providing public benefits for the New Mexico economy. 

LEDA is a vital funding mechanism that assists businesses in their expansion efforts by providing financial resources to spur growth and job creation. With this grant of $150,000, Red River Brewing Co. and Distillery will be able to establish a new distillery and enhance its existing brewery operations. This expansion is expected to lead to increased production capacity, create new employment opportunities, and attract more visitors to the area. 

“We are thrilled to have been awarded LEDA funding for our expansion project,” says Michael Calhoun, co-owner and general manager of Red River Brewing Co. and Distillery. “This grant will help us continue our commitment to the local economy by expanding our operations and establishing a second location in Red River. We look forward to further contributing to the economic growth of Red River by creating even more year-round, full-time jobs, and providing high-quality craft beer and spirits to our retail and wholesale customers.“ 

To facilitate the funding process, Taos County has agreed to act as the fiscal agent for this LEDA grant. Serving as a fiscal agent ensures transparent financial management and accountability throughout the project. The collaboration between Red River Brewing Co. and Distillery, the New Mexico Economic Development Department, and Taos County demonstrates a concerted effort to foster economic growth and create a thriving business environment. 

Red River Brewing Co. and Distillery is known for its commitment to producing high-quality award-winning craft beer and spirits. Through this expansion, the company aims to continue providing unique and memorable experiences to its customers while strengthening its presence in Red River and contributing to the local economy. 

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