Galloway Co. Expands Cream Liqueur Distribution Network

Ultra Pure’s new tank facility in Louisville, Kentucky

Neenah, Wisconsin-based Galloway Co., the largest producer of cream liqueur bases in the U.S., is excited to announce an expansion of its distribution network to reach craft distillers across the United States from Ultra Pure’s newly constructed Louisville, Kentucky facility. The facility features a dedicated cold storage logistics center for shipping creams as of Jan. 22.

This expansion comes in the eighth year of the strategic partnership between Galloway Co.and Ultra Pure, the largest bulk alcohol supplier in the US.

The alliance between industry leaders aims to remove barriers to entry in the cream liqueur segment and enable a more efficient route to market. Ultra Pure’s new cold storage facility and centrally located distribution hub in Louisville are key to maintaining top product quality and enabling short lead times.

“Our growing collaboration with Ultra Pure signifies a pivotal step towards extending our legacy of providing high-quality cream liqueurs to the craft distillery market,” said Mark Gottsacker, director of beverage sales. “From a single tote to full trucks, this partnership allows us to reach partners at any stage of their business, making adding creams to product lines easier than ever.”

Niels van der Kloot, president of Ultra Pure, expressed his enthusiasm about the alliance, stating, “We are thrilled to join forces with the Galloway Co., known for its commitment to quality and innovation. This collaboration aligns seamlessly with our vision of delivering unparalleled products to our clientele while solidifying our position as a leader in the distribution of premium spirits.”

This expanded distribution network reinforces the longstanding commitment to excellence that Ultra Pure and Galloway Co. share. Galloway Co.s wealth of experience in crafting premium cream liqueurs, partnered with Ultra Pure’s distribution experience, ensures that its products maintain their exceptional quality as they reach a wider array of craft distilleries across the nation.

To ensure customer success, Galloway Co. offers fully dedicated R&D support, regulatory guidance, tailored co-packing partnerships, and scalable growth strategy. For more information, reach out to Galloway Company at

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