Rolling Fork Launches Heart of Gold Small Batch Rum

Louisville, Kentucky-based Rolling Fork Spirits is kicking off 2024 with the release of its newest small-batch rum, Heart of Gold. This blend of four lightly aged rums from Barbados and Jamaica was crafted with cocktails in mind, given its flavor profile, versatile alcohol-by-volume of 50.5% and appealing SRP of $39.99.

“It’s been a while since we released a spirit with cocktail in mind,” said Rolling Fork co-founder Turner Wathen. “For the last few years, we’ve been focused on sourcing, aging and releasing super-premium, aged, cask-strength rums that are primarily crafted for sipping neat or on a rock. The time was right for us to introduce a rum with more universal appeal – a rum that will make a great Rum Sour, Daiquiri or Gold Rush.”

Rolling Fork, known for innovation and experimentation, approached the creation of Heart of Gold Rum with great precision. One cask of three-to-four year-old, pot- and column-distilled rum from Barbados was selected, along with three Jamaica rums (two pot-still rums, one column-distilled rum) ranging in age from one to four years for blending. Each rum was chosen based on what it brings to the final blend, in terms of aromas and flavors. Each of the rums underwent secondary aging in one of Rolling Fork’s hand-selected bourbon casks. The final blend was proofed to 101-proof to make sure the rum doesn’t overpower in cocktails.

“We think bartenders and consumers are going to love having a new option for rum-based cocktails,” says Rolling Fork co-founder Jordan Morris. “Heart of Gold has a great balance of citrus and berry fruits and subtle vanilla with a finish of mild baking spice and tasty brown sugar. This is a well-rounded cocktail rum that can hold its own with mixers and create high-quality cocktails at a reasonable price.”

Heart of Gold is available now for wholesale purchase in all Rolling Fork markets.

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