La Crosse Distilling Releases Barrel Aged Gin

La Crosse Distilling Co. of La Crosse, Wisconsin, is proud to announce the inaugural release of Barrel Aged Gin—Fieldnotes Gin aged in repurposed bourbon and  brandy barrels.

Mitchell Parr, head distiller elaborates, “We are always challenging ourselves to innovate  sustainably. This is why we love repurposing spent barrels. Up-cycling barrels are good for the environment, but also allows us to be experimental when innovating new products. In this case, we experimented with Fieldnotes Gin by aging it in barrels we used to produce Buck Dancer Bourbon and Bluffside Apple Brandy.”  

Fieldnotes Gin has a subtle juniper flavor allowing for deep flavor profiles to develop through the aging process. As the gin ages, it absorbs the residual characteristics from the Buck Dancer  Bourbon and Bluffside Apple Brandy. Barrel Aged Gin leads with pear and apple flavors on the front with vanilla, oak on the finish. It is uniquely delicious.  

La Crosse Distilling Co. approaches the world of distilling with an eco-conscious mindset. La Crosse Distilling Co. institutes sustainable production practices throughout the geothermal powered facility. In addition to sourcing grains and other raw materials locally, the processed grains are sent back to the farm and utilized for livestock feed, fertilizer, and compost to build rich soil for future crops. It is truly a full circle process.  

Barrel Aged Gin | Small Batch Release – 100 Bottles 

Saturday, Feburary 24th | 1PM to 4 PM 

Production Room at La Crosse Distilling Co. | 129 Vine St., La Crosse, WI Price per bottle is $40 

Due to the small batch release, you must reserve your bottle for purchase at barrelgin. One reservation per person. You must be present to redeem your reservation for purchase.

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