Pilot House Releases Ocean-aged Single Malt Whisky

In celebration of its 11th anniversary, Astoria, Oregon-based Pilot House Distilling announced the release of an ocean-aged single malt whisky.

The ocean imparts special characteristics to the whisky. Batch No. 13 boasts a harmonious blend of dried cherries, dark chocolate and toasted marshmallow, alongside great, mellow, barrel char, and invigorating spiced applesauce.

Batch No. 13 of A-O Come Hell or High Water Oregon Single Malt Whisky was aged in-house and then embarked on a journey aboard the Maverick fishing vessel. Releasing on Feb. 16, it promises a distinctive flavor profile infused with the essence of the salty sea, making it a truly unique and unforgettable spirit.

These barrel releases are known to sell out quickly. Secure your bottle of this limited edition at either of the distillery’s two convenient locations or order online to ensure you don’t miss out. Pilot House also has barrel-aged Painted Lady Gin back in stock. Visit pilothouse.distilleryspirits.com/ to place your online orders in OR, AZ, AK, and D.C.

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