Silverback Distillery Claims Best in Fest at New Orleans Bourbon Fest

Afton, Virginia-based Silverback Distillery proudly announces clinching the coveted title of “Best in Fest” at the New Orleans Bourbon Fest for the second consecutive year. Additionally, the distillery secured the top honor of “Best Single Barrel” for its Christine Riggleman Reserve. 

“This consecutive win at the New Orleans Bourbon Fest is a testament to our unwavering dedication to producing exceptional bourbon,” remarked Christine Riggleman, founder and master distiller at Silverback Distillery. “We are immensely proud of our team’s hard work and passion, which shines through in every sip of our award-winning bourbon.” 

To celebrate this momentous achievement, Silverback Distillery is pleased to announce that the batch of Christine Riggleman Reserve which secured the title of “Best in Fest” and “Best Single Barrel” will be available for bourbon aficionados at both distillery locations starting May 11. 

The Christine Riggleman Reserve is a hallmark of Silverback Distillery’s commitment to excellence, meticulously crafted with the finest ingredients and aged to perfection in charred oak barrels. Each bottle is a testament to the distillery’s dedication to producing bourbon of unparalleled quality and distinction. 

“We are thrilled to share this exceptional batch of Christine Riggleman Reserve with our valued customers,” added Christine Riggleman. “It is a true honor to be recognized by the New Orleans Bourbon Fest, and we look forward to continuing our legacy of excellence in the world of bourbon.”

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