Three Floyds to Release Dark Lord Straight Malt Whiskey

Three Floyds, renowned for their innovative and ‘Not Normal’ craft beers, will release an ultra-exclusive Dark Lord Straight Malt Whiskey this month. The spirit is the first extension of the Dark Lord brand – a highly-rated and extremely sought-after Imperial Stout that has gained a cult-like following since its debut in 2004.

“We wanted to create something memorable to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of Dark Lord,” says Three Floyds’ head of innovation, Erik Ogershok. “Barrel-aged beer variants have been an integral part of the Dark Lord legacy and our natural progression was to translate that into a spirit. ”

Dark Lord Whiskey is distilled from barley, wheat, oats, and corn, then aged for five years and finished in the same barrels used to age the award-winning beer variants. The whiskey features notes of chocolate and coco—reminiscent of Dark Lord Imperial Stout—with an added richness from the finishing barrels.

Three Floyds Brewing partnered with the family of legendary artist Frank Frazetta, a pioneer of modern fantasy illustration, to commemorate 20 years of Dark Lord. The whiskey label features art from his 1973 Death Dealer painting.

Dark Lord Straight Malt Whiskey will be sold at Three Floyds Brewing’s retail kiosk beginning May 14. Bottles will be priced at $66.60 and sold on a first come, first served basis.

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