Sugarlands Announces Expansion of Roaming Man Whiskey

Gatlinburg, Tennessee-based Sugarlands Distilling Co. announced a strategic, multi-tiered expansion of its Roaming Man Tennessee Straight Rye Whiskey. The award-winning pot distilled whiskey will now be available in 750-ml bottles and distributed in five states: Tennessee, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana and Wisconsin.

First released in Spring 2017, Roaming Man has only been available in limited-release, small batches and sold in 375-ml bottles. The brand quickly developed a strong following from whiskey enthusiasts and a stellar reputation among the distilling industry. Roaming Man has won over 40 awards, including Best Whiskey in the 2019 America Craft Spirits Association Awards and two Double Gold Medals at the esteemed San Francisco World Spirits Competition (2021 and 2023). While Roaming Man will remain heavily allocated due to Sugarlands’ intentionality in producing the spirit, the move to larger bottles and increased distribution marks a significant milestone for the brand as it strives to meet demand and reach new consumers.    

“When we decided to age our rye whiskey, we believed in its potential, but the awards and recognition we’ve received since launching Roaming Man exceeded our expectations,” said Sugarlands president and founder Ned Vickers. “We’re deeply honored by our fans’ loyalty and support throughout our journey. As we expand our distribution to 750-ml bottles, we’re excited for what’s ahead, and committed to maintaining the quality, transparency and craftsmanship that have always defined Roaming Man.”

Sugarlands has been meticulous about the process of creating Roaming Man since its inception. Master distiller Greg Eidam and his team craft Roaming Man from a low-rye mash bill using locally sourced, premium Tennessee rye, white corn and malted barley. The ingredients are distilled in a copper pot still, a labor-intensive process rarely used in America. Sugarlands’ production facility is home to the largest copper pot still in the United States.   

Roaming Man’s rich flavors are further developed during its maturation inside charred American white oak barrels, each precisely made with staves seasoned for at least 24 months. The final product is cask-strength, straight rye whiskey with dense flavors and an incredibly smooth finish. 

“Moving to 750-ml bottles and expanding our distribution is a significant milestone for Roaming Man,” said Eidam. “This means we can better serve Roaming Man fans who have supported us from day one, while also reaching more whiskey lovers in new markets. We’re excited to take this next step without compromising the quality and passion that brought us to this point.” 

New Roaming Man 750-ml bottles will be available at Sugarlands’ Gatlinburg distillery beginning this Friday, May 24, and soon at select retailers, bars and restaurants throughout Tennessee, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana and Wisconsin. In the coming weeks there will be a limited allocation available for sale online (limited to select states). Be the first to know when Roaming Man is on sale and about new edition releases, by signing up for the Roaming Man Whiskey Club at  

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