BSG Announces Exclusive North American Partnership with Dingemans Malt

Brewers Supply Group (BSG) is proud to announce that on Jan. 1, 2020, BSG will be the exclusive distributor of Dingemans Malt in the U.S. and Canada. BSG is thrilled to partner with the Dingemans family, and to distribute their superior quality malts to brewers, distillers, and homebrewers.

“BSG strives to offer the highest quality ingredients from around the world to craft brewers and distillers and the addition of Dingemans to our portfolio achieves an important goal of offering the finest malt from Belgium.  Dingemans malts are used in every iconic Belgian beer from Trappist triples, to lambics.  We are truly excited to partner with the Dingemans family and increase the understanding and availability of their diverse range of malts across North America.” – Ian Ward, President – BSG

BSG will be carrying the wide range of malts from Dingemans, with favorites like Special B®, Aromatic, and Pilsen malt.  As an established brand in the U.S. and Canadian brewing communities, BSG is committed to strengthening Dingemans’ presence and providing technical support for our customers.

Information on the range of Dingemans malts can be found on BSG’s websites, catalogs, and at events.  We encourage all customers to reach out to their Sales Manager and Customer Service Representatives to learn more and request samples.

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