SILO Distillery Releases The Maple Manhattan RTD Cocktail

SILO Distillery of Windsor, Vermont, recently released its first Ready-to-Drink cocktail—The Maple Manhattan—one of the first of this type of product in the state of Vermont. 

Made with a blend of SILO’s Maple Whiskey, house-made Amaro (soon to be released in a larger bottle format on its own) and a hibiscus tincture, the cocktail comes in at 74 proof and is available in 100-mL glass flasks.  The first in a line of higher proof, ready-made cocktails from the farm to bottle distillery, this Manhattan is a sweet and warm reminder of what makes all things Vermont so darn tasty. 

Currently only available in Vermont, SILO plans to release these and more into the larger New England market in the new year.

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