Wilderness Trail to Release Rare Bourbon for Holidays

It’s the season of giving and Wilderness Trail Distillery of Danville, Kentucky, will aid those battling cancer with a holiday release of an extremely rare bourbon. A lottery will be held for those wishing to purchase the collector box set. The 16-year-old Bourbon will come in a limited edition bottle and commemorative box set. The box set will sell for $2,500 and purchases are allowed as part of a lottery.

Wilderness Trail Distillery will register everyone for a fair chance at being drawn to purchase one of these super rare bottles. Here are three ways to boost your chances for purchasing a bottle:

  1. Wilderness Trail Distillery will place two box sets in a smaller lottery at its Dec. 6-7 Holiday Open House. Those who sign up at the open house will be part of the first lottery. The first two lucky bourbon lovers will be drawn from those who register Dec. 6 and 7 at the distillery. 
  2. Wilderness Trail Distillery will place two box sets in a lottery for its Family Tree Members. Being a member has its privileges, so sign up at the website before Dec. 1. For the Family Tree sign up, email your phone number and name here: FTCancer@wildernesstrailky.com
  3. The remaining bottles will go into the main lottery for people who sign up online at the website or in the visitor center from Nov. 15 to Dec. 5. Wilderness Trail Distillery will use an online random number generator to select the number(s) for the remaining bottles. Each person signing up online or in the visitor center will go on the list in sequence of signing up and be given a number. Wilderness Trail Distillery will post the names and contact the winners.  For the open public lottery, email your name and phone number here: FCancer16@wildernesstrailky.com

The release of this bourbon is so exciting for a couple of reasons. “One is because this Bourbon is flat out awesome,” says Wilderness Trail Distillery owner Shane Baker. “Another reason is the money raised is going to impact lives of those suffering right now and just before the holidays. The timing couldn’t be better on helping warm some hearts and help make the holidays a little better.”

That bourbon barrel is going to get another chance to continue raising money to battle cancer. “We distilled a special barrel of four-grain bourbon almost 5 years ago. There is a good story about it that we will talk about in the future, but we are going to double-barrel it and finish it in this infamous old barrel for a while longer. Then we will have bottles of some more great, rare bourbon to talk about and keep asking the question: How many lives can this one barrel keep touching?” Baker says.

What’s next for the barrel after that? Stay tuned. For more information, click here.

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