Whiskey Systems Releases Line of Hardware Devices

The developers of the highly acclaimed distillery management system, Whiskey Systems, announced immediate availability of two new devices aimed at helping spirits producers improve product quality and yields.  

The Barrel Warehouse Monitor tracks temperature and relative humidity data that is archived on the Whiskey Systems interface.  This allows operators to continually view, track and optimize their barrel aging environment within the Whiskey Systems platform, with data points automatically archived. 

The Fermentation Sensor automatically records ambient and mash temperatures over the duration of fermentation runs.   Producers can monitor live fermenter or internal barrel liquid temperature from anywhere in the world.  Customized temperature probes available for unique setups.

Both devices can be set up in minutes and operate wirelessly over existing Wi-Fi networks using secure SSL protocols.  No Bluetooth, special gateways, or custom equipment is required. They work anywhere there is Wi-Fi.

 “These devices are easy to use and connect directly with the Whiskey Systems platform to provide valuable information to the makers,” said Donald Snyder, president of Whiskey Systems.  “As producers strive to better understand all the variables affecting their finished products, these tools will give them vital information that can be used to make positive adjustments to their processes, and environmental conditions.”

Reade Huddleston, head of production at Headframe Spirits recently installed a series of sensors at the distillery’s facility in Butte, Montana.  He remarked, “The launch of these sensors is just one more example of how the Whiskey Systems team is helping to bring together the tools that distillery operators need to manage their processes and improve their products. Within just a few days of installing these sensors, we have learned valuable information about diverse environmental conditions that each of our barrels experience. We will use this information to create better and more interesting products.” 

Additional information on the sensor devices and the Whiskey Systems data interface is available for download at: https://whiskeysystems.com/store/Hardware-c35347581

Founded in 2013, Whiskey Resources is the leader in distillery management solutions and compliance consulting.  The company offers a range of services designed to help start-up and established distillery operators improve performance while ensuring conformity with federal rules and regulations. The Whiskey Systems distillery management solution is currently in use in over 400 facilities in the US, Canada, UK and Australia.  

For more information, press only, contact:  Randall Buxbaum, National Sales Manager, at 301-471-8022, or randall@whiskeysystems.com  

For additional technical information on the sensor devices or the Whiskey Systems distillery management system, contact support@whiskeysystems.com or go to www.whiskeysystems.com

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