Oak & Eden Whiskey Puts a One-of-a-Kind Twist on Wheated Bourbon

In a traditional wheated bourbon, the wheat grain replaces the rye grain in the bourbon mash bill, producing a sweeter, creamier profile than a standard bourbon. Staying true to tradition, but adding a compelling layer of innovation, Dallas-based Oak & Eden Whiskey has just announced the expansion of its product line by adding Wheat & Spire, a unique twist on wheated bourbon.

Oak & Eden Whiskey has pioneered a patented process called “In-Bottle Finishing,” where it places a 5” long spiral-cut piece of wood, called the Spire, into its fully-aged bottle of whiskey, imparting new flavors and characteristics to the whiskey that couldn’t be achieved in a single barrel alone. Wheat & Spire begins with a wheated bourbon (51% corn, 45% wheat, 4% malted barley), which is then finished inside the bottle with a toasted French oak spire, compounding the naturally occurring creamy, silky experience found in a wheated bourbon. Wheat & Spire is also produced from non-GMO wheat, ensuring quality and sustenance with each sip. 

“With the rise in popularity of wheated Bourbon, we wanted to create a one-of-a-kind experience in Wheat & Spire. The addition of the French Oak Spire creates a smooth silkiness coming from the rich botanicals and porous characteristics found in French Oak,” says Oak & Eden Cofounder & CEO, Joe Giildenzopf. “Because of the way the Spire helps to develop such a smooth finish, Oak & Eden has become recognized as one of the staple whiskies by both whiskey connoisseurs and lay drinkers alike, and Wheat & Spire may just be our smoothest and most pleasant whiskies yet.” 

Oak & Eden has taken home three Double Gold awards and seven Gold awards in 2019 alone, and has been named among the Top 10 Whiskies Made in the U.S. by Best Products, as well as one of the Spirits Business’ Top 50 Innovative New Spirits.”

Wheat & Spire is the third permanent mark in the Oak & Eden product line, alongside its predecessors, Bourbon & Spire and Rye & Spire, both introduced May 2018. The current Oak & Eden lineup also includes several seasonal items like Bourbon & Vine, a cabernet steeped bourbon, Rye & Rumba, a Caribbean rum infused rye, and the Ale Series, two unique whiskey expressions made in collaboration with Rahr & Sons Brewery out of Fort Worth, TX. Wheat & Spire is available for sale in Texas, Colorado, Kentucky, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Michigan and Louisiana. 

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