Oak & Eden Debuts Tool to Customize Whiskey

Oak & Eden, of Dallas has unveiled a project it kept under wraps for nearly three years: Whiskey Customizer. Living within the brand’s Anthro Series line of whiskey collaborations with artists, musicians, actors and creators, Whiskey Customizer enables the customer to be the creator, crafting their own whiskey bottle from the comfort of their home using one of the Oak & Eden’s four finished whiskey bases and over eleven infusion options. Whiskey Customizer is exclusively offered online at OakandEden.com

Oak & Eden’s proprietary In-Bottle Finishing technique was just the start of the founders’ vision. Rooted by the innovative spire, the brand developed Whiskey Customizer, becoming the first national spirit brand to offer single bottle customization for the masses. Whether you’re an avid whiskey fan wanting to experiment or looking for that perfect gift for a loved one, Whiskey Customizer has a little something for everyone. 

“Five years ago, we embarked on a journey to revolutionize the spirits industry and bring something unique to the market. The wooden spire and patented finishing process were simply the tools that led us to Whiskey Customizer – the true innovation,” comments Oak & Eden Co-founder and CEO Joe Giildenzopf. “Today, as we celebrate its long awaited debut and our anniversary, we are paving the way for a new era of personalization and experimentation within the spirits industry.”

To kick off the experience, customers are invited to build their custom bottle by selecting a desired whiskey base out of Bourbon, Four Grain Bourbon, Wheated Bourbon or Rye. Each base has been aged a minimum of three years. All four whiskey bases are available in 90 proof ($64.00 / 750ml bottle) and 114 proof ($79.00/ 750ml bottle). 

After selecting the base and proof, builders may then choose the preferred wooden spire to be infused or inserted into the base with no infusion. Wood options include an American Oak spire, lending a sweet and toasty finish, or a French Oak spire, lending a floral and peppery finish. 

Builders can also select their spire to be infused with Coffee, Vanilla, Grapefruit Liqueur, Orange Liqueur, Pineapple Liqueur, Blackberry Liqueur, Cabernet, Port Wine, Rum, Honey, or Maple Syrup which is then inserted into the bottle. Oak & Eden plans to add to its infusion options, introducing seasonal and limited l-batch options quarterly, making the possibilities with Whiskey Customizer truly limitless. 

As a final step, customers can make the bottle theirs by personalizing the label. 

Each customized bottle is available for shipping nationwide and ready to drink following the recommended six-week In-Bottle Finishing™ process. 

As a part of its education efforts, Oak & Eden shares popular bottle creations, describes the characteristics and notes associated with each selection and provides cocktail recipes that best accompany each bottle. 

“The launch of Whiskey Customizer allows our customers to unleash their creative spirit, one bottle at a time, in a way that has never existed before,” says Oak & Eden Co-founder & CMO Brad Neathery. “As important as making the new experience seamless on our site was providing visual and educational tools on building a whiskey, an often misunderstood and intimidating spirit. We are a whiskey for the people, inviting and empowering anyone to be a creator.”

To bring Whiskey Customizer to life, Oak & Eden partnered with renowned western photographer, Ben Christensen. Shot on location in the maker’s home state of Texas, the images encapsulate the creativity, craftsmanship and pioneer spirit that is the lifeblood of Oak & Eden. 

Check out oakandeden.com for more information on Whiskey Customizer as well as the brand’s full lineup of whiskies. 

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