Ranch Rider Spirits Releases Canned Cocktails

Ranch Rider Spirits Co. of Austin, Texas, is excited to announce that their better-for-you canned tequila and vodka cocktails are officially available for purchase in select bars, restaurants, venues and independent liquor stores across Austin. The cocktails come in three Southwestern-inspired flavors: Ranch Water, Tequila Paloma and The Chilton.

Co-founded by The University of Texas at Austin alumni Brian Murphy and Quentin Cantu, Ranch Rider was inspired by long shifts and late nights on the Ranch Hand food truck. On a search for shift drinks that weren’t loaded with sugar or artificial sweeteners, they began mixing and taste-testing cocktails with their health-conscious customers. Eventually, the duo landed on three recipes that featured sparkling water and real juice rather than artificial sweeteners, preservatives or coloring.

Ranch Rider cocktails are made with reposado tequila from Jalisco, Mexico, and premium vodka sourced from the States. There are three flavors to choose from: Ranch Water, made with reposado tequila, sparkling water and real lime juice; Tequila Paloma, made with reposado tequila, sparkling water, and real grapefruit and lime juice; and The Chilton, made with four-times distilled vodka, sparkling water, real lemon juice and sea salt. Each 12-ounce can is gluten-free, under 123 calories, contains six percent alcohol by volume and fewer than two grams of sugar.

Ranch Rider products are available in four-packs in independent Austin-area liquor stores and will be available in chain liquor stores such as Spec’s and Total Wine & More in early 2020. The canned cocktails are also sold in select local bars, venues and restaurants such as The White Horse, Central Machine Works, Bar Peached and Native Hostel. To find Ranch Rider near you, visit ranchriderspirits.com.

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