Pennington Distilling Wins Awards at San Francisco World Spirits Competition

The 2020 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, held at the Hotel Nikko, San Francisco, March 13-15, 2020, recently announced this year’s winners. Pennington Distilling Co. of Nashville, Tennessee, humbly accepted multiple awards, including the prestigious Double Gold Medal for both its Davidson Reserve Tennessee Straight Sour Mash Whiskey and Walton’s Finest Vodka.

This is the first time Pennington Distilling Co. has entered the San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC), which had another record-breaking year as it featured
nearly 3,000 entries from all corners of the world. “That makes the win so much more exciting for us,” says Jeff Pennington, founder and CEO of Pennington Distilling Co. “It is an honor to receive a Double Gold and Best in Class,” he adds.

Pennington Distilling Co. procures the highest quality ingredients, including Tennessee white corn from Renfroe Farms in Huntingdon to create proprietary mash bills, while maintaining consistent processes throughout each step to produce whiskey that meets quality standards. “The hardest part of the entire whiskey-making process,” explains Pennington, “is waiting for it to properly mature once a barrel is filled and put away to age for years. This recognition reminds us that the hard work, dedication from our team and patience does pay off,” says Pennington. “You can’t cheat time,” he adds.

The entire Pennington Distilling Co. team has worked extremely hard for years to produce a high quality Tennessee Whiskey from grain to glass they could be proud of.

“This accomplishment really is a culmination of those efforts and a testament to the drive and determination of our PDC family,” says Pennington.

Pennington Distilling Co. award-winning products continue to prove that the best of the best comes out of Nashville. Its brands have won 27 awards, with Davidson
Reserve winning 14 awards itself.

New awards Pennington Distilling Co. received from the 2020 San Francisco World
Spirits Competition include:
● Best Tennessee Whiskey, DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL, Davidson Reserve
Tennessee Straight Sour Mash Whiskey, Tennessee, [50%]
● DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL, Walton’s Finest Vodka, Tennessee, USA [40%]
● GOLD MEDAL, Pickers Original Vodka, Tennessee, USA [40%]
● GOLD MEDAL, Davidson Reserve

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