Proof & Wood Ventures Launches Exodus Rum

Proof & Wood Ventures has just expanded its portfolio with Exodus Rum, a blend of pot still and column still rums distilled and partially aged in Jamaica and then blended and bottled in Bardstown KY.

The heart of the blend is a column-distilled rum that was aged in Canada for about three years in ex-Canadian Whiskey barrels. Dave Schmier, Proof and Wood owner, found the barrels and decided to bring them to Canada and put them in ex- American Rye barrels. More rum, pot still rum, was then sourced in Jamaica. The pot still component of Exodus has both lighter and heavier elements. The lighter pot still rum is aged 2 and 3 years in Jamaica in ex-Bourbon barrels then 2 additional years in ex-Rye barrels in Kentucky. The heavy pot still rum is aged 2 years in Kentucky in ex-Rye barrels. 

The combination of blends brings us a rum with classic American Whiskey barrel flavors of vanilla, caramel, butterscotch and tobacco with rich flavors of Jamaican rum featuring tropical fruits, ripe vegetables and a bit of funk. Bottled at 84 proof, Exodus is Great to enjoy as a sipper, in your favorite cocktail or paired with a medium bodied cigar.

Exodus joins The Funk Rum, also distilled in Jamaica, and the Proof and Wood product line including American Whiskies, Bourbons and Ryes.  There will be regional distribution across the US with a suggested retail price of $30.

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