Watershed Distillery Rightsizes Bottled Old Fashioned for 2020

New products from Watershed Distillery of Columbus, Ohio, have been announced just in time for the holidays, and include a Holiday Bourbon Bundle, featuring Barrel Strength Bourbon, as well as Watershed’s bottled Old Fashioned—rightsized for 2020. These items will be exclusively available in the state of Ohio.

Holiday Bourbon Bundles, Watershed’s first-ever gift pack of spirits, land just in time for the upcoming gifting season. These bundles include three, 375 ml bottles of bourbon expressions from Watershed Distillery—Watershed Bourbon, bottled Old Fashioned, and the last reserves of this year’s limited Barrel Strength Bourbon, aged six years and finished in apple brandy barrels. This highly anticipated release sold out in less than three hours from Watershed Distillery’s Bottle Shop last month. Holiday Bourbon Bundles are an exclusive seasonal item and are available while supplies last at the bottle shop and at select Ohio liquor agencies across the state. Each bundle retails for $59.99.

In more big bottle news, Watershed adds a massive new size of their bottled bourbon cocktail to the spirits lineup this season—and it’s here to stay year-round. Bottled Old Fashioned has always been ready to pour and enjoy, but now with the latest release of a 1.75-liter bottle, it is bigger and better for gifting and sharing after a long year. Initially released in 2015, this ready-made classic blends bourbon with Ohio cherry juice, bitters and a touch of sugar. These massive new giant-format bottles of Watershed’s bottled Old Fashioned contain about 30 cocktails, are available at the bottle shop, and at select Ohio liquor agencies across the state, and retail for $59.99.

“Over the last 10 years, the holiday season has always been a joyfully busy season for the Watershed team as well as our restaurant partners and our community. We know the season looks different this year for most of us, but we hope to spread a little cheer with these holiday reserves of our Barrel Strength Bourbon,” stated Greg Lehman, CEO of Watershed Distillery. “And if a huge bottle of Old Fashioned gets a few people smiling after this crazy year, I’ll know we are doing something right,” he added.

To locate Watershed Distillery’s spirits in liquor stores near you, visit www.ohlq.com.

For more information on Watershed Distillery or their spirits, please visit www.watersheddistillery.com.

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