Distillery 291 Releases Two Limited Colorado Bourbon Whiskeys

Just in time for cooler temperatures and the holiday season, Colorado Springs-based Distillery 291 is releasing two of their most-awarded whiskeys – 291 Bad Guy Colorado Bourbon Whiskey Batch #6 and 291 High Rye (“HR”) Colorado Bourbon Whiskey. Bad Guy recently arrived on shelf and High Rye will be released on November 9, 2020. Both will be available at Distillery 291’s tasting room (1647 S Tejon St, Colorado Springs, CO 80905) and local retailers throughout the state of Colorado.

“These might be the perfect autumn whiskeys,” said Eric Jett, distiller at Distillery 291. “Both have a richness and spice similar to the treats and baked goods we enjoy this time of year – a fitting whiskey for the season we find ourselves in.”

291 Bad Guy Colorado Bourbon Whiskey Batch #6 is a wheated four-grain bourbon, made from corn, malted wheat, malted rye, beech-smoked barley mash, finished with 291’s traditional aspen staves. Historically one of the distillery’s highest-rated and most-awarded whiskeys, Batch #6 is presented at 125.5 proof for an MSRP of $104.99. Over 1,000 bottles have been made available for this year’s release.

291 High Rye (“HR”) Colorado Bourbon Whiskey is a complex bourbon that strikes a balance between the distillery’s Colorado Bourbon Whiskey and their Colorado Rye Whiskey, with spice and fruitiness to round out the vanilla and oak. Made from corn, malted rye, malted barley mash, and finished with aspen staves. Every batch of High Rye whiskey is presented at barrel proof and will retail for $104.99. 800 bottles will be made available.

“Our High Rye recipe was actually a complete mistake,” says Michael Myers, Distillery 291’s founding distiller and CEO. “A double dose of malted rye was accidentally added to our bourbon recipe one day and we thought we’d just let it ride. After aging a bit, the result was fantastic – it was a delicious, complex bourbon with notes of both spice and vanilla.” 

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