Copperworks Announces American Single Malt Release 033

Copperworks Distilling Co. of Seattle recently announced that Copperworks American Single Malt Release 033 is available. Release 033 is a single cask whiskey matured in a cask that was previously used to produce fino sherry.

This release fully capitalizes on the flavors the sherry cask brings to the whiskey. This is different than releases in the past where Copperworks added a portion of sherry cask whiskey to contribute to the overall flavor profile of a release. Release 033 is the distillery’s first release that focuses entirely on the flavors of sherry cask matured whiskey.

To create this whiskey, Copperworks poured 45 gallons of “new make” whiskey (whiskey that hasn’t been aged) into the sherry cask. The distillery then added 85 gallons of its Pale Malt recipe whiskey that had been aged for more than two years in a cognac cask. Those two whiskeys then matured together for 30 months in the sherry cask.

Copperworks procured the sherry cask from Jerez, Spain where it had been used for more than 80 years in the production of fino sherry. Fino is the driest and most savory style of sherry produced. As usual in the maturation of sherry, this sherry cask holds 500 liters — that’s 2.5 times the size of a standard American whiskey barrel. (In barrel vernacular, a 500-liter cask is called a “butt.”) The sherry cask contributes characters of almond, butter, fruit skin, and tomato vine to the Copperworks Whiskey.

The complex blending and maturation process used for Release 033 produced a whiskey that goes well with cured ham, green olives, and cheese. It offers aromas of almond, fruitcake, rum raisins, and a whiff of linseed oil. The initial flavors of fig conserves, browned butter, and apple skin lead to a long finish of tobacco, citrus rind, balsamic vinegar, and tomato vine.

The distillery produced 594 bottles (750-mL) for $76.49 (not including taxes or shipping). Buy now.

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