J. Carver Distillery Launches Etiquette Whiskey Distilled From A Single Malt

After aging more than four years in new and used charred oak barrels, J. Carver Distillery of Waconia is proud to announce the limited release of its first whiskey distilled from a single strain of malted barley – Etiquette Whiskey. 

“The overwhelming majority of whiskey produced and consumed in America is based on non-malted grains such as corn, rye and wheat. Bourbon dominates the market, although the rye whiskey category is growing very rapidly and wheat whiskies are just starting to catch fire. The emerging market for craft distilleries in America is single malt whiskey, which is based exclusively on malted barley and produced on-site by a single distillery”, stated Bill Miller, a Founder of J. Carver Distillery. “This single malt whiskey was developed in collaboration with our friends at BSG, a subsidiary of Rahr Malting based in Shakopee, Minnesota”, continued Miller, “is based on a single strain of malted barley, was aged in new and used J. Carver Bourbon barrels, has not been chill-filtered, and has been bottled at cask strength. The combination of these factors assures that this single malt whiskey maximizes the richness and complexity of the malted barley and J. Carver Bourbon barrels, and the uniqueness of our distillation techniques.” 

“We are very excited to be entering the single malt whiskey category”, followed Gina Holman, Founder and Managing Partner of J. Carver Distillery. “Many of our customers have been asking us when we will introduce this product, and although production is limited to fewer than 500 bottles, they will be available to scotch-lovers and whiskey aficionados for the holidays. Etiquette is a distinctive whiskey with flavors of dried fruit, red currant, bright citrus, spices, malted cereal, butterscotch, and nougat. The unique character of this whiskey is heavily influenced by hand-selected oak barrels from our barrel room in Waconia, MN. When drinking with friends, make sure to pour their drink first. It’s proper etiquette understood by connoisseurs throughout the world.”

Etiquette Whiskey – Distilled From A Single Malt Tasting Notes:

Color: Mahogany

Aroma: Sweet nose, butterscotch, toffee, citrus, and dried fruits.

Mouth-Feel: Smooth and balanced, elegant for a Cask Strength Whiskey.

Flavor: An amazing balance of sweetness and spice. Rich with intriguing flavors of dried fruit, red currant, bright citrus, spices, malted cereal, butterscotch, caramel, and nougat. 

Finish: Long, elegant finish.   

Newly released J. Carver Distillery Etiquette Whiskey – Distilled From A Single Malt is available for wholesale purchase exclusively through St. Paul-based distributor The Wine Company Minnesota. Consumers can search the store finder at www.jcarverdistillery.com for retailers by city or zip code available mid-November including South Lyndale Liquors, Zipps Liquors, Hennepin Lake, Solo Vino Bottle Shop, The Vintage Chanhassen, Shorewood Liquor, Dolce Vita, MGM Waconia, North Loop Wine & Spirits, Wayzata Wine & Spirits, Marshall Liquors, Harbor Wine & Spirits, Lowry Hill Liquors, Lakeside Wine + Spirits, Liquor Hutch, Delano Wine & Spirits, Lake Wine & Spirits, Good Time Liquors, Lunds & Byerlys Wines & Spirits – Woodbury, Northbound and Westbound Liquor Stores in Elk River, Brooklyn Center Liquor Store #1 and other fine spirit shops across the state as well as these fine restaurants including Sockdollager, Volstead House, Whiskey Inferno, Bourbon Butcher, Match Stix Restaurant & Spirits, Nicollet Diner, and Winchester & Rye Whiskey Lounge.

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