Pennington Distilling Co. Announces Three New Hires

Pennington Distilling Co., an award-winning spirits company in Nashville, Tennessee, announces three new additions to the team.  

Sarah Smith has joined as sales manager and will manage the on- and off-premise sales team as well as assist in the management of the company’s distributors in 17 states. Prior to working for Pennington, Smith worked at Best Brands, a family-owned wine and spirits distributor, for 12 years.  

Garry Rausch has joined the team as plant manager.  Garry will manage all aspects of operations including the distillery, production, facilities, maintenance, quality control, research and development, and inventory.  Prior to working for Pennington, Rausch was operations manager for Blefa Kegs Inc.  

Sean Jewett has joined Pennington Distilling as a head distiller. With over 10 years and several awards in the alcohol beverage industry, Jewett was already blending his own unique recipes by aging beers in Pennington’s Davidson Reserve Whiskey Barrels. He will focus on product development and production innovation while maintaining the distillery’s excellent reputation for quality.

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