Marble Distilling Announces Net-Zero Energy Initiative

Marble Distilling Co. of Carbondale, Colorado, announced a new partnership with Chris Davenport, two-time world champion skier, entrepreneur, and environmental activist. This partnership also launches Marble’s goal of production facilities at net-zero by 2022 and the launch of their highly anticipated e-commerce website.

A natural progression for Marble, the partnership with Davenport formed as both parties share a passion for true craft, quality and sustainability. Marble recognizes that environmental sustainability contributes to value creation, reputation and success. “Marble is humbled and honored to have Chris Davenport as a true partner alongside the Marble Distilling Co.,” said Marble founder and head distiller, Connie Baker, in a press release.  “Our brands align in so many ways, but first and foremost in our determination to move the needle in terms of sustainability. In fact, where Davenport has helped raise the bar to do something bold for sustainability, he inspired us to take our own aspirations and commit.  Marble has risen to the occasion and commits to Net Zero by 2022.” 

“I don’t just make critical decisions in the mountains; when it comes to what brands and people I support and partner with, I make critical decisions, too,” said Davenport, in a press release. “Which is why when it comes to how I apres ski, I choose Marble Distilling Co. spirits. Their commitment to sustainable business practices—using far less water than most spirit brands and becoming Net Zero Electricity by 2022—are super important to me, and to our local environment here in the Roaring Fork Valley. This is something they understand as a local company and as a steward of our unique surroundings.”

To achieve net zero, Marble will add to its solar array and plans to be completely solar powered by 2022. MDC is a zero-waste distillery using innovative, first-of-its-kind sustainable processes to make award-winning, hand-crafted, premium spirits. Marble’s 7,000-square-foot facility includes five luxury hotel rooms, a tasting room and a barrel club. The manufacturing/distilling facility uses less energy than a 2,000-square-foot home. A true leader for the community, Marble encourages the craft industry to change distilling methods and processes for the health of the planet.

Marble also unveils its new e-commerce website today at The new e-commerce site allows for shoppers to enjoy all of Marble’s small batch spirits including Marble Vodka, Moonlight EXpresso, Moonlight Reserve, Gingercello, Gingercello Reserve & Hoover’s Revenge Whiskies, including Hoover’s four grain Bourbon, a three grain Rye, a unique triticale and malted barley Fightin’ Whiskey, and an in house five grain American Whiskey.  

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