Driftless Glen Claims Three Medals at San Francisco Competition

Driftless Glen Distillery of Baraboo, Wisconsin, announced that three of its spirits have been awarded medals from the 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. The 2021 competition had over 3,500 entries. 

The distillery claimed medals for the following spirits:

Straight Bourbon Whiskey Single Barrel – Double Gold

The Double Gold designation is awarded to the very few entries that receive Gold medal ratings by all members of the judging panel. These are among the finest products in the world. Straight Bourbon Whiskey Single Barrel describes as follows: As they age, each oak barrel imparts its own distinct characteristics to our bourbon. We’ve selected a unique, exceptional barrel to present as a single bottling with subtle notes of clove and cinnamon.

Straight Rye Whiskey Single Barrel – Double Gold

Straight Rye Whiskey Single Barrel describes as follows: Exceptional individual barrels of rye are found in all corners of our Wisconsin rack house and pulled aside for our single barrel project. Look for notes of dark chocolate, fruit, and licorice that join our rye’s characteristic spice in this bottle.

Exclusive Port-Finished Bourbon – Silver

Exclusive Port-Finished Bourbon describes as follows: This small batch features our flagship spirit, which has first been aged in new oak barrels for 4+ years, and then finished in fresh Port barrels. Rich, fruity port complements the bourbon’s spice and makes for the perfect sipper.

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