West Fork Whiskey Introduces Cold Hamer Bourbon Peach Tea

West Fork Whiskey Co. is kicking off summer with its latest ready-to-drink (RTD) bourbon beverage, the Cold Hamer Bourbon Peach Tea canned cocktail. The peachy drink will be the third in the Cold Hamer RTD lineup, in addition to the High Ball and Snapback options. These lower calorie, all-natural beverages give cocktail aficionados and whiskey fans ages 21 and up the opportunity to enjoy West Fork craft cocktails anytime, anywhere.

“With everyone out and about again, enjoying summer parties and gatherings, our Cold Hamer Bourbon Peach Tea canned cocktail is the perfect way to easily enjoy and share our craft cocktails,” said Blake Jones, co-owner of West Fork, in a press release. “The natural ingredients and simple mixture offers a delicious and lighter alternative to other canned cocktails on the market, and we’re thrilled to share it with everyone this summer.”

In 2020, both Cold Hamer High Ball and Cold Hamer Snapback received SIP Awards in the World Spirits Competition. Details about all three Cold Hamer RTD canned bourbon cocktails are as follows:

BOURBON PEACH TEA – Old Hamer Bourbon, natural peach and tea flavors
ABV: 7%
SUGAR: 11g
CARBS: 11g

SNAPBACK – Old Hamer Bourbon, ginger, lime
ABV: 7%
SUGAR: 11g
CARBS: 12g

HIGHBALL – Old Hamer Bourbon, soda, lemon
ABV: 7%

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