St. George Announces Release of Single Malt Whiskey, Lot 21

St. George Spirits of Alameda, California, announces the release of St. George Single Malt Whiskey, Lot 21. Released annually since 2000, St. George Single Malt Whiskey is distilled, aged, blended, and bottled by St. George Spirits out of love for what handcrafted single malt can be. Each Lot has evolved since the first release, thanks to the distillery’s ability to draw from its growing whiskey library which is artfully aging in an assortment of casks—a liquid timeline of the distillery’s commitment to American single malt. 

For Lot 21, St. George Spirits head distiller and blender Dave Smith thoughtfully selected and blended 26 barrels from the distillery’s inventory. Dave’s meticulous approach, palate, and prodigious talents in the art of blending have shepherded the development of the Lot series of St. George Single Malt Whiskey for the last 11 years—a delicate balancing act that requires keeping the spirit true to its original signature while incorporating more complexity with each passing year.

“If you know our single malt whiskey, then each Lot should be akin to visiting an old friend who has a few new stories to share with you,” said Smith, in a press release. “Each single malt whiskey barrel in our inventory is individually considered for its own merits and blending potential for this year’s Lot. Once we’ve created aromatic and tasting notes for every barrel, we review which barrels seem to be at a peak in their aging potential and carefully create small blends from those few chosen casks. Ultimately our efforts are less for consistency alone but to surprise and delight fans of our single malt whiskey.”

In 1996, master distiller Lance Winters joined St. George Spirits with the express purpose of making single malt whiskey. The category of “American single malt” did not yet exist, but Winters’s brewing background informed his vision for what would become the Lot series and encapsulates the distilling team’s dedication to exploration, excellence, and celebration of raw materials. These values were set in place 40 years ago by founder Jörg Rupf, in 1982, and are still the driving focus today. As America’s original, and now oldest craft distillery, St. George has grown itself and seen the American craft distillation movement grow with it.

The Lot 21 release comes just in advance of St. George Spirits 40th anniversary, which the distillery will celebrate in 2022. The more that the landscape has changed, the more important St. George’s philosophy has become: make amazing spirits, unlike anything else available on the market, with innovation, quality, and integrity.

St. George Single Malt Whiskey, Lot 21 – At a Glance:

Ingredients/Mash Bill: The mash bill for St. George Single Malt Whiskey has remained true to Lance Winters’ vision and has been unchanged since Lot 1. Comprised of 100% barley, the mash bill includes various roast levels of two-row barley sourced from Wisconsin (pale malt, crystal malt, chocolate malt, black patent malt) and German Bamberg malt (unroasted barley smoked over beech and alder wood).

Cooperage: This Lot incorporates used Kentucky bourbon barrels, used Tennessee whiskey barrels, American and French oak apple brandy casks, Agricole rum casks, and California Sauternes-style casks. In total, 26 different casks from St. George’s whiskey library were selected and blended.

Age: A blend of single barrels aged 4.5-10 years. The blend also includes cask blends with whiskey dating back 22 years.

Distiller Tasting Notes: On the nose: dark chocolate, coffee, roasted nuts, orange peel, and a hint of tropical fruit. On the palate: roasted nuts, bittersweet chocolate, honey, and light citrus.

ABV: 43%

Price at Release: $100

Availability: 700 cases produced in 6 x750ml cases, available at fine spirits retailers nationally.

St. George will also host a special release day at the distillery’s bottle shop on December 4, starting at 1pm PT through 4pm or until this limited inventory is sold out. Master distiller Lance Winters and head distiller/blender Dave will be on-hand for bottle signing. More information here.

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