Fast Penny Spirits Achieves Certified B Corp Status

Holly Robinson and Jamie Hunt of Fast Penny Spirits

Seattle-based Fast Penny Spirits, makers of Amaricano and Amaricano Bianca, recently joined a small group of American distillers as a Certified B Corporation (B Corp). The women-owned amaro distillery scored a 99.7 on the rigorous benchmarks required to earn the credential. Fast Penny is the fifth distillery in the country to become a B Corp and 14th in the world. 

“Fast Penny Spirits was built to be more than a spirits company and we’re very proud to be a B Corp,” said Jamie Hunt, CEO and founder of Fast Penny Spirits. “I started the distillery with the goal of having a positive impact in the world and this certification validates that we have the standards in place to support our values and advance our mission.”  

B Corps are for-profit companies that meet the highest standards of treatment of workers, customers, suppliers, communities and the environment. The assessment process measures a company’s performance in five categories: governance, workers, customers, community and the environment.

Fast Penny qualified for the certification for a variety of the company’s initiatives and policies, including:

  • The distillery’s Pretty Penny give back program was part of Fast Penny Spirits’ business model from the start. The company donates 3% of all bottle sales to organizations that empower women in business, local communities and the hospitality industry. The distillery has provided financial resources and in-kind donations to organizations including Off Their Plate, Ladies Who Launch, Vital Voices, Black Girl Ventures, Emerge Washington, Jubilee Women’s Center, WA Women’s Foundation and the Independent Restaurant Coalition, among others. 
  • Fast Penny’s Amaricano and Amaricano Bianca are crafted with quality and sustainable ingredients. The neutral base of the amaro is made from reutilized West Coast wine grapes. All the botanicals that infuse the base are wild-crafted, organic, and/or consciously-sourced. From truffles foraged by dogs to organic saffron to up-cycled coffee berry husks, Fast Penny sought out quality and sustainable ingredients that offer the best flavors and ultimately the finest amaro. 
  • At Fast Penny Spirits, daily decisions are made with a constant filter on impact. In addition to sustainably sourced ingredients, the company uses recycled bottles and reclaimed corks, and partners with like-minded businesses to sustain and grow our community.
  • The amaro distillery is committed to collaborations that uplift other female-owned businesses, often hosting pop-ups at its bottle shop and tasting deck and partnering with other women-owned restaurants for specialty dinners and events. 

Fast Penny joins more than 4,000 businesses from 150 industries and 74 countries that are using the power of business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. 

Amaricano and Amaricano Bianca can be found at retailers, bars, and restaurants in California, Georgia, Minnesota, Oregon, and Washington and soon Michigan. The distillery also ships to over 30 states, nationwide.

For more information, visit, follow Fast Penny on Instagram @fastpennyspirits and subscribe to their newsletter.

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