Grand Teton Distillery Releases Seasonal Cherry Vodka

Driggs, Idaho-based Grand Teton Distillery announced the release of its Cherry Vodka. Made with its original flagship potato vodka, the spirit has been infused with tart pie cherries from Bithell Farms in Oregon for 18 weeks. A limited number of 375ml bottles will be available this spring for the seasonal release. 

“We are very excited for our upcoming release of Grand Teton Cherry Vodka; for us, it’s a sure signal that spring has arrived after a long winter,” said Andrew Boczar, VP of strategic planning at Grand Teton Distillery. “People drive for hours to our distillery to get this limited release, often leaving with a full case.” 

Inspired by founder Lea Beckett’s travels through Europe years before opening the distillery, a stop in a small countryside village gave her a taste of cherry liqueur. After falling in love with the spirit, she was given the recipe and kept it for many years. When starting the distillery, Lea dug out the recipe and asked the distiller to replicate it. He put his own spin on it, reducing the sugar content and using Grand Teton’s renowned potato vodka as the base. The taste was as good as Lea remembered but with a new twist. 

With a brilliant ruby color, Grand Teton’s Cherry Vodka has aromas of spicy honey, baked cherries and nuts. With a slightly tannic, medium fruit body there are notes of tangy dried sour cherry, raisin toast and an earthy finish. The combination of sweet and tart makes for a unique base for cocktails such as martinis and cosmos or is incredibly flavorful on the rocks with a twist of lime. 

Product specs include: 

● Potato vodka base, real fruit infusion 

● 375ml bottles 

● 60 proof, 30% ABV 

● Suggested retail price, $14.95 

The cherry vodka is now available at the distillery’s tasting room and can be purchased directly online while supplies last. Once sold out, customers will have to wait another year for the next batch. 

In addition to the vodka, Grand Teton Distillery strains out the cherries used in the infusion and repurposes them. Soaking up the vodka and covered with organic cherry juice, the cherries are jarred and sold as Drunk Cherries. The cherries are enjoyed best in specialty drinks, on desserts such as ice cream or cake, or simply from the jar. Drunk Cherries are available at the following link for $11 for 8oz. 

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