Millstone Spirits Group Acquires Faber Distilling

Philadelphia-based Millstone Spirits Group—the ownership arm of New Liberty Distillery, as well as revived heritage brands such as Kinsey and ready-to-drink canned cocktail line American Liquor Company (ALCO)—has acquired Faber Distilling and all assets of Midnight Madness Distilling LLC. The $1.4 million winning bid acquires the Pennsylvania company’s line of Faber Liquors, as well as two high-speed bottling lines, 160,000-square-foot production facility, and even a piano.

“The acquisition of Faber Distilling is a strategic move aimed at expanding the production capabilities of our entire portfolio,” said Robert Cassell, president. “We are working diligently to audit all processes and practices so that we may best retain employees and operate the business much as it has been—but in a profitable manner, and in compliance with industry standards. It’s exciting as we can bottle more in one day than the average craft distillery sells in a year.”

Under the helm of master distiller Cassell, New Liberty Distillery in Philadelphia has developed a deserved reputation for unique and authentic craft spirits. Meanwhile, Faber Distilling, encompassing Faber Liquors, Escape Goat ready-to-drink canned cocktails and Single Prop Rum, experienced windfall success with Pennsylvania on-premise. 

This acquisition, significantly expands the Millstone Spirits Group portfolio of offerings, boasting a wide range of craft spirits with prominent back bar potential, to quality and affordable vodkas, plus two options in the ever-growing ready-to-drink category.

Based on the historical performance of Faber Distilling and changes implemented by new ownership, Cassell conservatively projects the combined portfolios of New Liberty Distillery and Faber Distilling to be upwards of 100,000 nine-liter cases throughout the Mid-Atlantic in 2022.

“Our number one priority is getting the entire Faber portfolio back in stock for our valued bar and restaurant owners,” says Cassell. “In the next six months, we are looking to create 25-plus new roles and have already added 25 new hires to our staffing line up since the acquisition. Right now, we are hiring in the roles of packaging, drivers, marketing, warehouse, sales, admin and bookkeeping.”

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