Rum Point Canned Cocktails Hit Shelves

Rum Point, a new line of six island-inspired canned cocktails, is now available across Illinois and Pennsylvania with additional markets in the works for the coming weeks. Available both in four-packs and a variety pack, these refreshing, island-inspired cocktails are made using real cane sugar and are entirely gluten-free. Rum Point has been created and developed by the team at Brew Pipeline

“We’ve worked hard to develop a canned cocktail that really represents the island feel of Rum Point, giving drinkers the vibe of sunny beaches and Caribbean waters wherever they choose to enjoy them,” says Steve Kwapil, CEO and co-founder of Brew Pipeline. “We are really proud of the final product and are excited to share this market by market as we launch Rum Point across the U.S. this summer”

Inspired by the famous destination of Rum Point on the northern point of the Cayman Islands, it has long been a gathering spot for locals, named for rum barrels that washed ashore from floundering ships of the past. Brew Pipeline’s flavor specialists have created a lineup of rum-inspired cocktails that honor this idyllic spot. Vibrant tastes from tropical ingredients including pineapple, coconut, mango, watermelon and lime are reminiscent of the slice of paradise that is Rum Point. Pirate is a take on one of the most famous rum cocktails, using root beer instead of cola. All Rum Point brands feature alcohol by volume percentages ranging from 7.5-9.3%. These canned cocktails are designed to share the island vibe with customers all year round.

Rum Point are sold in 12-ounce cans in the following packages:

* 8-can variety pack   
* Ah Wah- Watermelon Punch   
* BOBO- Mango Mojito   
* Duppy- Pineapple Coconut   
* Cool Out- Cucumber Cooler   
* ABV: 7.5%   
* SRP $18.99

* 4-can pack    
* Shipwreck- Ginger & Lime   
* ABV: 9.3%   
* SRP $10.99

* 4-can pack    
* Pirate- Root Beer & Rum    
* ABV: 9.3%   
* SRP $10.99

Rum Point is distributed by Brew Pipeline’s distributor network and is now available in select major markets. Additionally, it will be available direct-to-consumer via Brew Pipeline’s online store in the coming weeks. For more information, visit

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