Florida Distillers Collaborate on Whiskey Blend for Sunshine Spirits Festival

For the second consecutive year, the Florida Craft Spirits Association (FCSA) will hosts the Sunshine Spirits Festival this Saturday in Jacksonville, Florida. FCSA has created the Florida Bastard, a whiskey blend sourced from eight Florida craft distilleries, including: 

The limited-edition whiskey is a blend of bourbon, straight rye whiskey, straight rye finished in maple syrup barrels, and American single malt. The whiskeys range from one to seven years old with the use of rapid aging technology. Only 1,000 bottles of the Florida Bastard (SRP $85) will be available exclusively at the festival.  

Earlier this year, FCSA launched the Florida Distillery Trail which consists of 48 distilleries throughout the state. The trail highlights how the craft spirits industry is vastly growing in Florida. 

Click here to learn more about the Sunshine Spirits Festival.

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