Hood River Distillers Releases McCarthy’s 6-Year-Old PX Sherry Cask Finished Whiskey

Hood River Distillers (HRD) of Hood River, Oregon, announced the limited release of McCarthy’s Oregon Single Malt Whiskey, aged for six years in Oregon Oak casks and finished in Pedro Ximenez (PX) sherry casks.  

The barrels, released under the Casknolia line, were specifically produced and seasoned according to the specifications of Hood River Distiller’s Master Distiller Joe O’Sullivan and Head Distiller Caitlin Bartlemay. The result is a rich, highly flavorful whiskey which pairs McCarthy’s iconic combination of peat smoke and Oregon white oak with the weighty sweetness of PX sherry. 

“For this unique release we’ve ­finished a blend of our double gold winning single malt in 2-year Pedro Ximenez sherry casks from the highly sought after Toneleria Del Sur cooperage in southern Spain,” said O’Sullivan.  “The four months spent in the PX barrels have produced a balanced and surprisingly deep flavored spirit made for late nights and good conversations; a whiskey, best enjoyed neat, which our distilling team consider among the best they’ve ever produced.”   

McCarthy’s 6-year-old PX Sherry Cask Finished will be available in limited quantities through retailers in Oregon, New York, Colorado, Texas, Washington and California, as well as online. 

Facts:  McCarthy’s Oregon Single Malt Whiskey PX Sherry Cask Finished

  • Age: 6 years 
  • ABV: 56.1% Cask Strength 
  • Tasting Notes: 
  • Nose: Warm saddle leather and sweet tobacco on the introduction. Slowly reshaping into dark hazelnut butter and bergamot tea; the smell centering around the lingering smoke of cold camp fi­re embers. 
  • Palate: Surprisingly rich with a bright piquant start. The jammified fruit of the sherry is the opening act for a deeper spice ­filled middle as chicory and bitter chocolate fi­nd their home in the second act. These initial flavors enjoy a long stay, evaporating only for the smoke and sawdust that live in the heart of this well looked after whiskey. 

More than 25 years ago, founder Steve McCarthy ignited the American Single Malt Revolution. In the pioneer tradition that made Oregon famous, McCarthy sourced two-row peat-malted barley from Scotland and found a local brewer to make the wash. Distilled in 60-gallon Holstein pot stills using single-pass distillation and non-chill filtration, McCarthy’s is aged in 36-month air dried Oregon Oak casks for a minimum of three years. McCarthy was the first U.S. distiller to use Oregon Oak in the early 1990s. 

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